Kansas City Identity Politics Serve As Hope

Remember when we said the we weren't going to feature HORRIBLE Kansas City poetry?

This post doesn't really count and a betrayal of that solemn pledge because we're sharing a thought provoking poetic missive which offers racially charged inspiration at the conclusion of an important American celebration.

Moreover, the call to action deserves consideration inasmuch as outright racially-motivated celebration has been vaulted to the level of spirituality by local media that is, in part, taxpayer funded.

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A Record of Kansas City Black History: 'Chant Their Names, Almost As If Holy'

Story by story, name by name, the annual Kansas City Black History Project seemed destined to meet this auspicious moment in history. The determined and reverent collection of biographies, now a decade in the making, was already preparing to stake its ground in the commemoration of the Missouri bicentennial in 2021.


  1. Vote black for least results.

  2. The only people who actually read any black history fiction are woke, gay white people who have mommy and daddy issues.

  3. ^ Just look at the new KCUR General Manager. A Marxist Progressive. She straps on a dildo to fuck her equally ugly girlfriend. Marxist Democrats are a bunch of Gay losers.

  4. Thank God it's the last day of Black History Month. When is White history month?


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