Kansas City 2021 Homicide #14: Deadly Gunfire Sunday As Crime Scene Worsens

Gunfire starts the morning news cycle and pushes the Kansas City homicide count higher during the dead of Winter.

The latest . . .

KSHB: Man killed in shooting on Wabash early Sunday morning

KMBC: Man found dead inside home early Sunday morning

Deets . . .

"One man was killed in a shooting in the 4000 block of Wabash early Sunday morning. Officers were called to a reported shooting shortly after 4:00 a.m. Upon arrival officers located a man inside the home. He was pronounced dead at the scene."

This is the 14th homicide so far this year compared to 18 at this time last year.

After the jump we have more news on local crime, police action and criminal complaints

KCMO Suffers High Speed Crash

KCPD: 4 injured in 7-vehicle crash

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - At least four people were injured -- one critically -- in a seven-vehicle crash Saturday afternoon in Kansas City, Missouri. Police said a blue Chrysler was seen in the area of East 59th Street and Troost Avenue driving northbound in a southbound lane of Troost, reaching speeds "in excess of 100 mph."

Po-Po Rescue Reported

St. Joseph Police rescue 8 human trafficking victims late Friday night

ST. JOESPH, MO (KCTV) - St. Joseph Police, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol have successfully completed a human trafficking operation Friday night. The operation was completed at St. Joseph's, Bucky's and Love's Travel Stop. St.

Kansas Gun Head Check

Proposed Kansas law would prevent those with severe mental illness from owning, buying guns

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - There's a proposed law in Kansas that some say would close a loophole that allows people with severe mental illness to own and buy guns. This isn't necessarily the same as the controversial red flag law, which allows the police or family members to ask a judge to take away a [...]

Show-Me Insurrection Evidence

Missouri man charged in riot seen with Pelosi nameplate

The uncle of a Missouri woman accused of participating in the riot at the U.S. Capitol last month is now facing charges himself.A federal complaint against William Merry Jr. of St. Louis County was unsealed late Thursday. Merry is the uncle of Emily Hernandez, 21, of Sullivan, who was charged on Jan.

Local Cold Case Crash Recalled

Family seeks justice in deadly hit-and-run crash 1 year later

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thursday marked one year since a hit-and-run driver in a stolen vehicle killed Judy Morris and Virgil Dixson, whose loved ones continue to honor their memories and hope the driver will be held responsible. Morris' nieces said their Aunt Judy was heading to get her nails done to celebrate the Chiefs' victory in Super Bowl LIV.

More Deets On Missouri Political Push Back Against Activists

Wife of Sen. Josh Hawley takes criminal action after 'anti-fascist' group targeted family's personal residence

The protest group claims they were holding a 'candle light vigil' outside the Hawley residence

Feds File Love Warning

FBI warning residents to be mindful of romance fraud as Valentine's Day approaches

FBI Courtesy Image The Federal Bureau of Investigation is advising residents to be mindful of where they seek true love throughout the month of February. The FBI Kansas City Division is using the month of love to highlight the dangers of romance fraud.

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  1. This is important. Somebody should sent the mayor this news in Tampa. I'm sure he's busy but he could make time.

  2. Nigs gonna nig.

  3. Meanwhile, in the major leagues, Baltimore has 30 murders and Chicago has 59. Philadelphia has 52 and St Louis has 24. Our fake hood rats are inept and unmotivated.

  4. ^^^ Meanwhile in a basement bedroom somewhere some sicko keep a running murder count of cities they don't live in on their Pokemon bulletin board.

  5. Representative Fart and Swallow-well2/7/21, 8:37 AM

    As The Roman Empire was collapsing, (like Biden's America) the Roman citizens were distracted by gladiator games in the Colosseum.

    We could do the same. There are only so many football games, but we have an endless supply of hoodrats.

    Sorta like “The Hunger Games”.....

    Sentenced hood-rats could have the option to become gladiators, fighting other hoodies in Arrowhead. Really good gladiators would amass millions of "woke" followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Gladiators surviving 5 conflicts would have the option to go free, (Until re-arrested) or elect to remain as a highly paid slayer.

    Weapons to be switchblades. No armor. The fans could determine a wounded defeated's death or life with Kumbaya, life, or the tomahawk chop meaning death.

    This could even be franchised, and TV rights could immediately bring KC out of its bankruptcy course.

    This could be done around the country in all the stadiums, keeping more violence inside the arenas and reducing thug numbers at the same time.

    No need to thank me. I consider this to be a public service.

  6. bring back alcohol prohibition.

  7. Seems like every other homicide happens on "Wabash" street.

    When one looks at Wabash on Zillow; it appears to be a very pleasant neighborhood.

  8. They will miss kick off at 5:20. How many will be shot from and argument during the game or stray bullets after the chiefs win??

  9. 14 newly dead dimwit voters for eternity! Hahahahaha!

  10. I called 15 by Monday morning.... and the game has even played yet!

  11. Who cares, certainly not blacks or black leaders.

  12. Good news, defunding KCPD at city hall should be complete in a few months. Once the mayor and city council plug in their social justice programs, similar to what is happening at Bartle Hall, you will be looking back at 2020 at the "good old days" when crime was kept in check. Stand by local citizens....

  13. Shoot em if ya see em!

  14. Send the black panthers into the hood, that’ll solve everything, look how well security is going at bartle hall!

  15. One man was killed in a shooting in the 4000 block of Wabash early Sunday morning. Officers were called to a reported shooting shortly after 4:00 a.m.

    They is getting up early around there or staying up awfully late ?!!!!

    1. Them spades dont sleep,the Wabash cannonball rolls all night

  16. Meanwhile, 8:03 sucks dick.


  18. If 12:36 is a true statement then, 8:03 is Quinton Lucas.


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