Kansas City Hipsters Promote Hard Liquor Boozing In Lieu Of Super Bowl Party

A local magazine is running PR for a popular booze company and offering a less than inspiring vision for Kansas City Super Bowl return trip glory . . . Drinking alone.

Here's their promo and a toast to the corpse of local alternative journalism:

We may not be shoulder to shoulder, but this year's Super Bowl celebrations will live on

While crowds and watch parties look different this year, there are still many ways to celebrate the return of the Chiefs to the Super Bowl this weekend. // Tom's Town's Big Red cocktail featured above, courtesy of Tom's Town David Epstein, founder of local distillery Tom's Town, remembers what it was like to be in Kansas City this time last...


  1. "Hipsters in KC" means someone who doesn't wear gravy-stained Chiefs gear 5 days a week with their 46 inch waist jeans.

    1. Instead, it's a whisper-thin lad with a pot belly who dresses like a lumberjack and has a Civil War beard despite not knowing how to change a tire or drink an adult beverage that doesn't taste like candy.


  2. But isn't that what the football games are all about? Drunks? I was in Price Chopper last night in Blue Springs and what a sight in the liquor dept. A fat girl with thick black eyeliner and a tight chiefs shirt on and she was the cashier. Very hardcore. Then we looked at all of the people with chiefs shirts on in Costco and everyone of them were dirty and fat. People who didn't have chiefs clothes on were clean and nice looking. Watched the channel 9 news for a minute this morning and Kate Horner and that women with the lantern jaw looked like two whores from hell with their red dresses on. So sad I used to like Katie.

  3. Hipsters in KC are metrosexual liberals that think wine coolers and mimosas is hard core drinking.

  4. You mean like Jack Dorsey 10:59? Shut the fuck up and give me my Egg McMuffin and hash browns!


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