Kansas City Hipsters Hope To Escape Parents Via Fake 'Reddit Revolution' Marketing

This social media company with backing from foreign American trading partners is in the midst of yet another renaissance . . . The fundamental weakness of the platform is that mods usually kill the conversations and any group that earns too much scrutiny is quickly cancelled. 

Also, it's just a glorified message board. 

Despite any real tech innovation and a 30-year-old web aesthetic, a local scribe shares a week old story about the social media platform which forgets to warn readers that amateur social media stock pickers were SLAUGHTERED in the end and trading insults with strangers is vastly overrated.

Read more about the tech wherein drunk uncles and parents might not find you . . .

Local Lessons of the Reddit Revolution

Strolling into a local GameStop on a frigid Saturday afternoon, you'd be hard pressed to find more than a few customers in the store at once. A couple of masked faces sift through used XBox 360 games, walls of Funko Pops and various video game memorabilia.