Kansas City Friday News Stand: Nicer Stories Amid Big Game Climax

Right now Cardi B's EXCELLENT thunder thighs inspire this COMPREHENSIVE compilation of community news, pop culture and top headlines that offer just a bit of a respite from the culture war . . . Or at least put the slap fighting in perspective.

Kansas City Show Goes On

Broadway In KC schedules shows in 2021, starting with Hamilton

by: Travis Meier Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Broadway is coming back to KC with shows starting as soon as September, 2021. Broadway In KC returns with Hamilton on Sept. 28 at Music Hall in the Kansas City Convention Center. Hamilton, the hit musical about the founding of America, runs for two weeks.


Wayside Waifs takes in 25 new dogs

Wayside Waifs has taken in 25 new dogs.

Super Bowl COVID Little Differences Exposed

Coronavirus in Tampa and Kansas City: A comparison of cases and codes

While cases are on the decline in both cities, public health experts still urge precautions around Super Bowl celebrations

Hip-Hop Hotness Debuts

Cardi B Gets It 'Up' In Supremely Sexy New Video

2020 is dead, long live 2021! Cardi B dropped her latest music video for her new single "Up" at midnight on Friday (February 5), and with it, a eulogy for a bum year.


House Dems meet with Biden to discuss COVID-19 stimulus being rammed through Congress

President Biden on Friday hosted House Democratic leaders at the White House to discuss COVID-19 stimulus legislation being rammed through Congress under a budget reconciliation process without a deal with Republicans. The gathering followed a "vote-a-rama" Thursday in the Senate that cleared way for legislation modeled after Biden's $1.9 trillion relief plan.

AOC Story Falls Apart

Fact-check site Snopes panned for 'weird' post about AOC's Capitol claim

The liberal fact-checking website Snopes raised eyebrows for appearing to contradict itself regarding the controversy surrounding the Capitol Hill riot story from U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The New York Democrat this week offered an emotional account of what she said she experienced Jan.

Prez Trump Trial Preview

Trump's allies fear the impeachment trial could be a PR nightmare

"The Democrats have a very emotional and compelling case," said former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. "They're going to try to convict him in the eyes of the American people and smear him forever." Trump's legal team appears to have similar trepidations that next week's proceedings will turn into a high-profile retelling of the riots and his role in them.

Numbers Game Confounds

Seven-day COVID-19 case average is down nearly 50% since its peak

The nationwide seven-day average for new coronavirus cases has fallen to 130,569 It marks a 47.5% decrease from the peak on January 12 when the average was close to 250,000 For the first time in weeks, the seven-day average is below 20,000 cases in every single state Texas and California

American Life Lesson In Forgiveness Coming Soon?!?

Progressive Democrats unveil plan to cancel $50,000 of student loan debt

A group of progressive Democrats announced a resolution on Thursday that demands President Biden use executive action to cancel $50,000 in federal student loan debt. The measure is unlikely to succeed given Mr. Biden's more moderate campaign promise of up to $10,000 in debt forgiveness via Congressional action.

New Advocates Launch Fight

Kansas City PRIDE Community Alliance promises inclusive environment for all

The Kansas City PRIDE Community Alliance will serve the LGBTQ+ community The Kansas City PRIDE Community Alliance is the newest non-profit organization to serve the LGBTQ+ community in Kansas City. The mission of the KCPCA is to provide advocacy, social activities, support, and educational opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community.

STL Stands With KC

St. Louis Finally Gets Something Right - Rooting For The Chiefs

Despite being connected by Interstate 70, the two largest cities in Missouri sit on opposite sides of the state and often compete for political influence and tax dollars. St. Louis proper is smaller than Kansas City, but it's a much bigger metropolitan area. And then there's the Gateway Arch.

Kansas City Winter Comeback

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Happy Red Friday! A mix of sun and clouds expected today, but seasonable temperatures on tap for early February. Enjoy the 'warmth' before bitter cold air comes spilling in this weekend. Snow showers will be likely for the first half of Saturday as arctic air spreads south sending temperatures into the single digits by Sunday morning.

Cardi B - Up is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now. Keep going for more local links . . .

Nothing But Hype Served To Kansas City For Next 48 Hours

Kansas City Chiefs' Chris Jones has another superstition: Meatballs

As he prepares to play in Super Bowl LV against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones wants meatballs.

JoCo Comeback Announced

Olathe Public School board votes to return secondary students in-person

Secondary school students in the area's largest school district will return to the classroom on March 1. The Olathe Public Schools Board of Education voted 5-2 on Thursday night to bring middle and high school students back to in-person instruction.

Hard-fought KCK Homefront Victory Achieved

After thousands poured into privately financed home, KCK couple finally gets deed

Kansas City, Kan. - After years of waiting, it's a problem solved for a Kansas City, Kansas couple having trouble getting the deed to their home. Back in November, Martin and Reyna Ortiz contacted FOX4 Problem Solvers, saying they had paid off the rent-to-own contract on their home five years ago, but the pastor who held the deed wouldn't give it to them.

Truck Trouble Reported

Parts shortage plagues F-150 production; Ford cuts more shifts in Dearborn, Kansas City

Ford Motor Co. plans to further cut production of its highly profitable F-150 pickup truck next week because of a part shortage roiling the auto industry, the company confirmed Thursday. Ford is monitoring the status of a highly fluid situation involving semiconductor chips needed for technology in all vehicles now, said Kelli Felker, Ford global manufacturing and labor communications manager.

Loving Tribute Helps Community

Chiefs fan sells memorabilia in memory of wife, vows to continue helping recovering alcoholics

WICHITA, Kan. - A Wichita man has a house full of Chiefs memorabilia, but he's now selling a majority of the items in hopes of saving his home that has served as a meeting place and safe spot to recovering alcoholic. "[My wife] was perfect," said John Taylor, a Chiefs fan from Wichita.

Kansas City Docs Answer Local Vaxx Questions

KC-area doctors separate COVID-19 vaccine fact from fiction during panel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A group of local doctors took part in a public forum to discuss the importance of the vaccines, especially as it relates to Kansas City-area minority communities, during a panel discussion Thursday in conjunction with Black History Month.

Country Anthem Turns Up

Country singer Blane Howard's 'Run It Back' song seeing big success in Chiefs Kingdom

KANSAS CITY, Mo - The song "Run it Back" back has become the theme song of the Kansas City Chiefs push for back-to-back Super Bowl wins. From the first strum, Chiefs fans know "Run it Back," written and performed by a man from Arkansas who now lives in Nashville with roots in Chiefs Kingdom.

Faith Matters For Super Bowl

Marcellus Casey podcast, K.C. Chiefs Team Chaplain - Sports Spectrum

Marcellus Casey is the team chaplain of the Kansas City Chiefs. He was raised in Chicago and Kansas City and both of his parents played a big role in helping him fall in love with God and people.

Kansas City Booze Activism Escalates For Big Game

Why one KC-area brewer is closed Super Bowl Sunday (but won't be sitting on the sidelines)

"Everybody wants to see a sports team succeed in the local arena. When our teams excel, it propels the market," brewery owner John Kennebeck said of ways a return ticket to the big game could deliver just as big of a score for local bars, restaurants, and retailers.

Suburban Fan Art Debuts

Lee's Summit man's artwork is 'sticking' out

A Lee's Summit, Missouri, man is finding an accidental side hustle thanks to his art, which is really sticking out. "I didn't set out to get a side hustle," said Jared Ripley. "I'm a teacher. I've got two kids.

Odds Favor Kansas City

Kansas City's Banged Up O-Line Has Given Patrick Mahomes Plenty Of Time - Not That He Needs It

When the Kansas City Chiefs take the field for Super Bowl LV, they'll be down three starters on their offensive line. Veteran left guard Kelechi Osemele tore tendons in both his knees in Week 5 (which is as awful as it sounds) and went on injured reserve, ending his season.

Maybe JUST A Bit Of An Exaggeration

Arrowheadlines: CBS ranks Brady-Mahomes as greatest all-time Super Bowl matchup

Ranking every Super Bowl QB matchup: Where Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes stands on all-time list | CBS Sports 1. Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl LV Feb 7, 2021: Watch Super Bowl LV for free on the CBS Sports App. No, this is not a prisoner-of-the-moment situation.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said…
We'll go se a show with Grampy Biden's free money. Sounds fun!
Truth Sprinkler said…

Awwwww. We all know you don't have any friends. You won't be seeing a show with ANYBODY.

Anonymous said…

Rob said…
I am perfectly happy with the cancellation of student debt on a one time basis. Here is how I think it should work. The debtor that signed the agreement to incur student debt signs and affidavit that includes a promise not to incur additional debt of any amount for any purpose for five years. In addition they agree to indicate a specific amount of debt to be cancelled on a one time only basis. They also agree to be randomly tested for illegal drugs, including marijuana, if illegal in their state at the time of the agreement. Included they agree that the amount of debt they choose to be cancelled will be noted on a 1099 IRS form as income for that same year and they will pay the tax on that amount with the taxes they file for that years tax return and said debt is not subject to the standard or any deduction. Included will be a notice that no court or government action can ever be taken to reverse the agreement and a failure to comply will require a term of military service for a minimum of three years or until the tax debt is paid in full, or up to ten years in prison.
Anonymous said…

Funny thing about the lgbtq community. They want support and their own social activities but if you don't agree with them and their lifestyle they become extremely violent and go as far as death threats, ruining your business or having you thrown in jail. They shove it down your throat, but you can't have your rights.
Anonymous said…
Shitty Louis isn’t rooting for Kansas City, another dumbass lie from kcur, they are so desperate to be loved it’s sickening.
Anonymous said…
I’m curious to see if the loan forgiveness is available to those who found alternate means of getting cheaper loans than what the feds were handing out, federal loans were a ripoff to begin with.
Anonymous said…

Stop build the NFL up. More people disrespect them than support them. People who go out in their bright orange chiefs clothing and those ridiculous shoes are made fun of behind their backs. If they only knew what others were saying about them and even their kids they wouldn't be so proud.
Anonymous said…
^^^ And yet, they have way more money than you and contribute much more than you do to charity.

Anonymous said…
^^ You're the dope that needs charity, loser.
Reality Speaker said…

Dr. Fauci says wearing 3 LEACHES helps COVID.

Anonymous said…
Each little self-identified "special" group, like the LGBT "community", has an endless number of "new" organizations one after another, but all supposedly addressing the same goals.
That's because these folks can never work together and the real purpose of each new organization is to enhance the "leader" who created it.
Then the infighting begins, scandals are revealed, money disappears, and a brand new cleverly named organization takes its place.
What ever happened to the millions that BLM shakedown artists swept up from the cowardly business, entertainment, and sports industries?
You'd think that could be used for addressing the latest horror of fewer vaccinations in "left behind" communities.
Anonymous said…
A.O. Smollett is going down! Even the left wing nut job conspiracy theory msm has had enough of her lies and bullshit! Hahahahaha!
Anonymous said…
1:25 fauci clearly is mental and should be replaced ASAP. He is a Fucking lunatic.
Anonymous said…
So Biden is pissing on those college students who worked their way through college in order NOT to incur Student Loan Debt plus those students who have paid off their student loan debt.

A lot of college students used the student loan money to go on cruises, dine at restaurants every day, buy expensive clothes etc. This is Marxism at its finest. Americans will quit working hard knowing they will receive the same as the lazy bum doing nothing.

Are taxpayers who did not go to college going to receive a $50,000 payment from the government.

Anonymous said…
Like any other business, Universities should be making the student loans not the Federal Government using taxpayer funds.

The Universities should be the ones accepting the credit risk regarding loans.

Using this model, the Universities would be forced to lower the cost of college as no more spigot of free funds from Federal Student Loans.

Tenured Professors would actually have to work 40 hours a week, twelve months a year like the rest of us schmucks for about half their current salaries.
Anonymous said…
^^^FYI I'm taking a class at UMKC, and I guarantee my professor puts in more than 40 hours a week considering lectures and reading lengthy essays and papers. In other words, you don't have a clue.
Anonymous said…
^^^Your professor doesn't have any underpaid graduate teaching assistants to do his grunt work for him? He must be pretty low on the faculty totem pole.
Clayton Bigsby said…
Good luck with that,in the same world blacks couldnt buy Jordan's and weave with the taxpayer funded EBT card
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
3:34 that’s a damn lie, they only have about four hours a week of classes and that’s what his assistants do, is grade papers and all the things the high and almighty professor doesn’t do.
Anonymous said…

Kaitlan Collins
In the Oval with Democrats, President Biden comments on the grim jobs report, saying at this rate it would take "10 years before we get to full employment. That's not hyperbole. That's a fact."

"We can't do too much here. We can do too little. We can do too little and sputter."
Anonymous said…
Why you shouldn't expect another stimulus check for weeks -- if at all

Anonymous said…
COVID-19 Killed 145 Of New York’s Nursing Home Residents
Anonymous said…
5:02: No, he doesn't, and he may be low on the totem pole. I'm not that into campus politics. He's been there 15 years.

6:50: You don't have a clue. The class is online, the lectures alone are well over four hours a week, and he comments on and grades our written input and papers.

Next time you two rake a class maybe you could inform the rest of us on your findings.
Anonymous said…

Q: What's fat, black, decked out in bling, and can't carry a tune?

A: Sylvester James!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey 8:00 p.m. - How do you know so much about your Professor's time schedule. You sucking his dick?

Anonymous said…
@8:00 p.m. - Looks like your douchebag professor lover needs to teach you grammar. You "take" a class not "rake" a class.