Kansas City Fight For $15 Treatise Redux

Local content mills were quick to call out the GOP despite a great deal of Democratic Party infighting. Still, the word from grassroots activists is clear: The progressive base demands a wage increase. 

Here's the latest bit of big picture progress:

House Democrats pass sweeping $1.9T COVID-19 relief bill with minimum wage hike

For better and worse, officials are downplaying legitimate inflation fear from investors. 

Meanwhile, it's concerning that organizers and activists don't mention rising prices and costs as part of the risk of their crusade. 

Here's their side of the story:

KC Voices: We deserve a $15 minimum wage. If Senators Hawley and Blunt care about the working class, they should be fighting for it in Washington.

Virginia Vann (left) at an SEIU Local 1 event.// Courtesy of Ankur Singh We've been asking members of the KC community to submit stories about life, beliefs, and the future. if you've got a story you'd like to share, please send it to brock@thepitchkc.com for consideration.


  1. All a $15 minimum wage will do is make you unemployed.


  2. Anyone who get help from gov. programs will no longer be eligible for those programs if they make 15 an hour. That will disqualify them. So with this 15 an hour hike some just cut their own throat. Then there is the fact that 10 employees will be cut down to 5 or 6. Some places will do the slot machine method. Put money in and get food out, just like they did with the video stores that no longer exist. Not a smart move.

  3. Gibsmedat!

  4. Only about 9% of the Demoncrapic COVID relief bill is really about COIVD. The Demoncraps are flailing in the wind from the hot, stale breath of Pelosi and Schumer, and trying to use taxpayers’ money to bail out their horribly mismanaged Demoncrapic cities and states. Trump wanted to get $2,000 to people last fall, but the Demoncraps didn't want to allow it before the election.

    1. $2000 is practice for Modern Monetary Theory. It is paid by debt owed to China. So I will downgrade you from serf to zoo animal.


  5. c'mon, Dems..why not make the minimum wage $50/hr?..how about $5,000/hr!!..

    then we'd ALL be rich!! easy,peasy!

  6. Hyperinflation caused by Biden policies is already beginning to destroy the power of our paychecks.

  7. return of the Weimar Republic

  8. Cameltoe Harris2/27/21, 11:18 PM

    Did they budget additional printing presses? $4.00 gas on the way.

  9. I see $2.50 gas already. It was way under $2 six weeks ago. Thanks, Basement Biden.

  10. I see a lot of workers that I wouldnt pay 1 penny an hour. They seem to worry more about supporting the Social causes of the day, than ability to remember they are a barista, cashier, cell phone guru, how to flip a burger or change your oil and remember the put the drain plug back in. Could you count my change back f tard ? as you just gave me 25 bucks extra back. LOL Prove me wrong, name me the last time you got your change counted back and the person that was smart enough to do so? I'm so waiting.

  11. Only 9% of the 1.9 trillion dollar bill is for covid related things. The rest is for bailouts of poorly run Dem cities all over the country. Thanks a lot you stupid libs. Your great, great grandchildren will be working to pay this off... unless of course we are run by China in the future which is a very distinct possibility. Then they will be working it off in prison camps.


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