Kansas City Fat Tuesday Toned Down

Once again the pandemic and cold weather claim another busy night for the Kansas City restaurant biz wherein locals will most likely be staying at home.

News confirmation . . .

Fox4: Evergy - More rolling outages possible Tuesday night, Wednesday morning for Kansas City area

The waiting is the hardest part . . .

KMBC: Some Evergy customers unable to get through to utility to report extended outage

Big picture . . .

AP: Muted Mardi Gras - Closed bars, barricaded Bourbon Street

Tonight's reason to drink indoors . . .

Channel 9: More snow on the way for Wednesday

Try to have a fun night anyhoo!!!


  1. Hey, if you don't like Evergy's service or lack thereof, you can always go to the "other" power company. Same with water and gas.

  2. Stupid, magical thinking by New Green Dealers is killing people all over the country.

    The Texas fiasco is ongoing and people are freezing to death in a state that was exporting energy before the politicians, including idiot Republicans, became enamored with Wind Mills and Solar Panels, that are now frozen and covered in snow. I have been saying for a while (And I am just an electrician) that we (The Earth) according to many scientists, who are not beholding to the chattering class and the politicians who support the "Wealth Transfer Narrative" of "Global Warming", are in a cooling period, NOT a warming period.

    Fuck the new green deal, go buy and SUV and get ready for Joe Biden's "Dark Winter" in more ways than one.

    The actual solution, to all of our energy problems, is Nuclear Power, but the sonic wail, emanating from the mouths of liberal "Karens" all over the US is killing that.

    So, freeze your ass off - you voted most of these fuckheads in, even before they stole the election in 2020.

    Nice job morons.

  3. ^^and yet the green new deal hasn’t been implemented, Texas removed itself from the public grid to maximize profits for its owners and 80% of Texas’s energy comes from non-renewable energy sources. Jeez chuck, it’s like you don’t really have any idea what the fuck you’re talking about. Figures. Weird.

  4. Oh goddamn, chuck just got knocked the fuck out by @6:33! LOL!

  5. +1000000!!!!

  6. 6:33 You are correct, however, you left out the part where Texas politicians, mostly Republicans were warned, that when you approach 15% reliability on renewables, you are exposed to catastrophe.

    That is what happened.

    Still, while I agree with you for the most part, if there was EVER fuckin prima facie evidence that over reliance on renewable energy was a ship too leaky to put much hope in, this week, in Texas and the last 10 years in California is, that evidence.

    The New Green Deal - is, based on renewables, so, in fact, the results are there for the prescient to see.

    Just use the fuckin natural gas and get ideology OUT of the energy industry.

  7. ^^and yet, since the Green New Deal was not implemented, there is no Green New Deal, and you still have no fucking idea what talking about. Take the L chuck. Weird.

  8. Chuck, the fiasco in Texas was caused when a larger portion of the state’s gas-fired energy plants were knocked offline by the icy conditions. Some of the other gas plants were caught short on gas just as natural gas prices spiked creating tremendous demand, thus the rolling blackouts to shift demand to other hard-hit areas. The frozen wind turbines really had almost nothing to do with it. You know there are wind turbines in the attic that operate in minus 50 degree temperatures don’t you? @6:33 was right, you don’t have any idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

  9. Except that natural gas doesn't freeze until 297 degrees below zero. Huh...

  10. D卐M☭CRATs LIE2/16/21, 7:29 PM

    It must be nice to be a liberal. Even when presented with evidence that your ideas are complete and total failures you still don't think that you could possibly be wrong.

  11. @7:24 and yet no said the gas froze you retarded fucktard, the refineries did. God, all this information is readily available on the web you stupid, pants-shitting goons. Why are old people so fucking dumb!

  12. D卐M☭CRATs LIE2/16/21, 7:41 PM

    "@7:24 and yet no said the gas froze..." says the retarded fucktard.

  13. ^^Didn’t you just post has was $3:00 a gallon on another post??? Looks like you’re the retarded fucktard! Ha! Busted!

  14. You are huffing paint if you are pretending that those wind turbines were not frozen and the solar panels are not covered in snow- which = energy meltdown.

    Almost 25% of Texas energy went out just like that. But sure, that has nothing to do with The New Green Deal. Duh...

  15. ^^and yet @7;51 not every single wind turbine was frozen, Texas gets 80% of their energy from non-renewable sources, so your made up 25% of energy figure is completely made up by you, and a typical repubturd move. Can’t stand on the truth, sell the lie. Weird.

  16. Chumpy CHUDboi2/16/21, 8:01 PM

    "^^and yet @7;51 not every single wind turbine was frozen" which means green energy is a success! DERP!

  17. ^ Correction: 88% of Texas’s energy comes from coal and gas. @7:51 is a confirmed geriatric liar, and chuck in fact, really has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about. Also @7:56 you are right, if TKC posters can’t stand on the truth, they do resort to lies.

  18. Goddamn!! Geezer skulls are getting crushed left & right on here tonight! You love to see it!

  19. Chumpy CHUDboi2/16/21, 8:08 PM

    ^ 8:02 is a liberal troll that spams 24/7. I get my talking points from democratUnderground.com!

  20. ^^and he fucking runs the lying geriatric fucktards on here daily! He’s the best thing on this blog. Weird.

  21. D卐M☭CRATs LIE2/16/21, 8:18 PM

    ^^The only runs he has are in his granny's panties.

  22. This from a news anchor in Houston -

    It’s all a lie clean green wind energy is killing many and that’s just half of the story. Texas gets almost 20% of it’s energy from wind turbines and over 50% failed causing the whole Texas electrical to lose 12.5% or 12,500 MW/h of power to flow into the grid. Why? State of Texas failed to make new energy providers equip the wind turbines with anti-freeze technology, like deicing a jet and the state closed several fossil fuel plants recently. Could you imagine if this artic blast hit five years from now or 10 and we were at 75% wind & solar and 25% fossil.
    Now the other half of the story. Just in Houston close to 1.5 million residential & commercial buildings are without power, water and sewage (3-5 million People) Oh they say we got 200,000 back up with utilities but 400,000 went down. The whole infrastructure is failing and lots of people are dying over 50 from carbon monoxide last night 2/15 alone. Over 45% of Houston is without power, water or sewage and Galveston is at 90%. Water treatment facilities are failing, boiling water mandates, if you have water and pipes are bursting everywhere.
    We still have two more days of below freezing temperatures until Friday. Go to KPRC channel two NBC Houston to get the facts, In fact, 4 out of the 5 Anchors today 2/16 are without power, and reporting on this total disaster, that could’ve been avoided. By the way, all the c-19 protocols have gone by the wayside.

  23. @8:18 and yet he’s not a confirmed geriatric liar. You are. Weird.

  24. D卐M☭CRATs LIE2/16/21, 8:33 PM

    @ 8:29 and yet I'm not the one sitting around in old lady underwear with brown leakage. He is. That's not weird. It's sick and so is he!

  25. ^^But everything you post is a lie. Liar. So in reality you must be! This is what happens when you’re caught lying.

  26. D卐M☭CRATs LIE2/16/21, 9:08 PM

    ^^Typing while looking at yourself in the mirror again?

  27. Chimpy got his ass kicked with truth, facts and science! That’s gonna leave a huuuggggeee mark! Hahahahaha,

  28. Not Einstein but2/16/21, 10:48 PM

    Evergy and the politicians have lied to us and I think my comments will make you believe me. First I want to admit that 12 days of temperatures not getting over 32 degrees might put a strain on the system. However the advice given by Evergy and the news media is "Turn your thermostats down to 65-68 degrees, lower the temp your water heater, and turn off all unnecessary lights". Well then they say you will experience rolling blackouts. The people that follow these peoples advice get shut off as quickly as those that don't follow their advice. But those that follow the advice suffer more because they start with being uncomfortable to start with. This is just a ploy to raise the cost of utilities. This is THE BIG LIE!

  29. A modern Nuclear Aircraft Carrier carries 5000 sailors and three mini-nuclear reactors. THe powerplant can energize a city of 250,000.00, yet Jane Fonda and “the China Syndrome” has spooked all of America to well built nuclear power.
    Did you hear me? A carrier sliding over the ocean blue can power a city, and last without refueling, for 20 years. Well, Duh.

  30. If I go hunting and mistakenly shoot an eagle, hawk, duck, goose, starling or any one of a dozen protected species of birds a US Fish and Wildlife Officer would arrest me and the US Attorney’s Office would prosecute me. I could spend a year in federal prison (Rightly so!!!). On the other hand these giant wind generators kill millions of birds each year many of them bald eagles and other protected species and it’s perfectly legal! Why? Wouldn’t any required environmental impact analysis easily determine the extent of the carnage to wildlife? Why are these Green Nazis exempt from the most basic federal and state environmental laws they force on everyone else!

  31. Much misinformation out there about #Texaspoweroutage, @ERCOT_ISO, wind and solar power, and thermal generators (gas and coal). Let's review what we think we know right now. @TPPF @Life_Powered_ 1/10
    Two problems in #Texas, one short term and exacerbated by the long term issue, and one long term. 2/10
    The short term failure came at about 1 AM Monday when #ERCOT should have seen the loads soaring due to plummeting temperatures and arranged for more generation. 3/10
    Texas came very close to having a system-wide outage for the whole state (ERCOT area, about 85% of the state) due to not arranging for more generation. 4/10
    This tripped the grid, knocking some reliable thermal plants (gas and coal) offline. This was a failure of the grid operator (ERCOT) not the power plants. 5/10
    In the last 4-5 years, Texas lost a net of 3,000 megawatts of thermal out of a total installed capacity 73,000 megawatts today. We lost the thermal power because operators couldn’t see a return on investment due to be undercut by wind and solar... 6/10
    ...which is cheap for two reasons – it’s subsidized and it doesn’t have to pay for the costs of grid reliability by purchasing battery farms or contracting with gas peaker plants to produce power when needed, not when they can. 7/10
    Meanwhile, Texas has seen a growth of 20,000 megawatts of wind and solar over the same period to 34,000 megawatts of installed capacity (they rarely perform anywhere close to capacity). This subsidized (state and federal) wind and solar have pushed... 8/10
    ...reliable thermal operators out of business or prevented new generation from being built as operators can’t make money off of the market. This reduced the capacity margin – grids must have excess capacity to ensure stability. 9/10
    Texas is experiencing what California has – with California affecting the entire Western Interconnection due to its policies. Blackouts are a feature of the push to have more unreliable renewables on the grid. Must pay $$ for reliable backup w/ renewables 10/10


    Since we’re talking about power outages, windmills, and solar panels, I wanted to post this. Everyone needs to read the following articles and send them around the world! Nobody knows this!!! No one even THINKS ABOUT THIS!



    You can find a fount of information on this topic! Anybody who thinks that inefficient windmills are “green,” CAN NOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!! Defunct companies will never pay what it costs to deal with old windmills, which will fall apart and become an even uglier blight on our environment —- OR, they can dig up the entire country burying these dinosaurs at taxpayer expense!!!


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