Friday, February 26, 2021


The myth of the Kansas City good life inside the loop is quickly starting to vanish as, hopefully, fog of the pandemic also fades.

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Tenants in downtown KC lofts forced to evacuate for at least two months

Jarrod McDaniel breathed heavily on Friday as he finished climbing a dark stairwell to his 11th-floor apartment."I've already begun packing," he said after opening the door using his cellphone light. "I have so much more to go."McDaniel is wondering how he will move all his furniture and personal items down the pitch-dark staircase of the 132-unit Professional Building Lofts at 1103 Grand Ave.


Anonymous said...

Livin' large in luxury in dynamic diverse and exciting downtown KCMO!
Swarming with creativity and energy!
But with no water or electricity in 42 degree weather.
Pretty much like the rest of KCMO.
Glitzy superficial rah rah and no ability to provide the basics that enhance a real quality of life.
Head down to the convention center with the rest of the homeless.
Just pitiful!

Anonymous said...

I walked through that entire building once when it was vacant way back when and the amount of pigeon shit throughout that building was frightful, it was about a foot deep on every floor. I swore I would never set foot in that building ever again.

Anonymous said...

"She does not have renter's insurance, much like several other residents.
"They didn't really encourage it," she said"

This is why these idiots vote in support of the nanny state.