The pandemic shut down the world and forever changed politics, biz and culture.

Special thanks to our A KICK-ASS TKC READER for sharing info, insight and a glimpse at the future . . .

"This article highlights Kansas City's future and the risks of office/commercial development downtown . . .

HSBC To Slash Office Space By 43% As COVID Ushers In Hybrid Work

"The real impact is that earnings tax revenue will take a decade to recover, while costs will continue to rise. 

"The trend only illustrates the lack of leadership from elected officials who are relying on a 20th century E-tax system to fund Kansas City in 21st century." 

"Commerce and labor are both mobile in the 21st century and people are going to avoid Kansas City's regressive tax system."

Developing . . .


  1. work from a warm climate.

    Cheaper preferably.

    THAT is the future.

    Everybody is a snowbird.

    1. ^^^^

      But how will you make get my pizza to me on time?

      Bad plan.

    2. ^^^ Jameson is a dick. The guy is spot on.

  2. PRO TIP: Quit spending so damn much on stupid shit!

  3. This will fulfill the promise to create affordable
    housing. Fewer people work in KC, fewer people live in KC, housing prices drop like a rock.

  4. There is a cabal of baby eating workers in the tunnels of Kansas City. They are working for Hugo Chavez and on March 4th they will inawgurate Donald J Trump (they claim), then the next day, are headed for the sanitarium

  5. Actually NOTHING threatens downtown KCMO, and the rest of the entire metro, like the upside-down priorities, incompetence, showboating, fiscal insanity, and political career clawing of the gang at 12th and Oak.
    The denizens of the Jackson County Courthouse come in a close second.
    All the hard work and contributions of the private sector, faith community, foundations, and residents really can't overcome the holes these folks dig the metro into each and every day.
    What's needed is a "local government holiday" in which those two buildings stay closed for about six months.

  6. KCMO bet their future on the so called creative class when in reality suburban workers had been paying the bills for decades. When the suburban worker no longer supports the city we will see how much the creative class wants to pay the bills.

    Funkhouser said it right, KC wants to be New York or San Francisco but is being passed up by Des Moines and Oklahoma City.

  7. That's what happens when you run your tax base out of town. Maybe KCMO should start assessing an earnings tax on anybody who has ever passed through the city or can find it on a map.

  8. Quick question Millie: do you progressives have any awareness of how you shot yourselves in the foot trying to destroy the middle class with your covid scam? Your Cities shut down the businesses that are major drivers of tax revenue to seize power. Some biz will never come back, some big biz are doing permanent work from home. Many people will start to hate the regressive taxes imposed by prog cities as they're sitting in their suburban home working away. And your spending never slows, never stops.

  9. The same hedge fund that owns The National Enquirer now owns the KC Star. It's good to see two publications with the highest journalistic standards together. (eye roll)

  10. KCMO is just one of handful of cities in US with an eTax. This awful tax discourages companies from locating in our city.


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