Kansas City Doggie Ice Cream Debuts

A completely ridiculous and totally frivolous idea premieres in the hipster corridor of Kansas City. Whatever they're charging is too much given that most dogs seem to prefer the taste of their own hindquarters.

Still, there's no doubt this is an EXCEPTIONAL biz idea because it's selling gullible pet owners a premium for warm & fuzzy feelings that can't ever be empirically verified . . . Very much like print advertising or most of what a romantic partner promises.

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Dogs can now get ice cream, too, at Mixed Mutt Creamery on 39th Street

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new ice cream shop has opened on 39th Street, and this one's for the dogs! Mixed Mutt Creamery opened Friday at 39th and Wyoming streets. They offer artisan doggie ice cream and ice cream by the pint for humans. The doggie ice cream recipes are lactose free and low-sugar.


  1. If there's one thing I'd like to send to every radical smelly dog hating moose limb in the world, it would be a picture of the refrigerated pet food aisle at the grocery store. While they wallow in poverty and hate, Americans think enough of their pets that they buy pricey cold cuts to feed them. HahahahahahaHahahahahaha

  2. Doggie style ice cream? They certainly put it in the right area, the fags in Westport will lap it up!

  3. Better headline: KC likes doing it dogdie style cold!


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