Kansas City Desperately Seeking Propane

Here's an alternative glimpse at the local power grab. It seems that this fossil fuel that burns cleaner than most is in high demand and much more reliable than frozen wind turbines or solar power that still doesn't seem to work on a cloudy day.

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Extreme cold has local propane companies struggling to keep up with demand

TONGANOXIE, Kan. - The extreme cold is creating a surge in demand for propane, which is the only heat source for many in rural communities. Some families are now struggling to stay warm as they await delivery of fresh fuel. Cary Ditty runs a small auto shop beside his Tonganoxie home.


  1. Propane doesn't 'burn cleaner than most' and there is no evidence that solar and wind failed any more than other sources. As stated many times by the Texas authority: frozen instruments on nuclear, coal, gas, and all other utilities caused the problems. Science! Give it a try!

  2. ^^You're asking TKC CHUDS to believe in facts? Good luck! They've been lied to at every turn by the republican party. Did you see some of the dumbass reasons they said the power failed yesterday? Utter morons. Completely useless in every regard. Thank God these CHUDS never go outside, hold any position of influence, or are connected to reality in any way. Thank you Tony for keeping them occupied.

  3. We NEVER all lost our electricity and heating as a result of power outages until this year as a result of the stupid green new deal bullshit.

    There is no ice storm to blame for causing power lines to fall to the ground due to tree limbs breaking on the power lines.

    The only "green" thing about the new green deal is the huge profits the companies selling the solar panels (don't work in winter") windmills (don't work in freezing weather).

    Solar panels and windmills are inefficient and one never makes enough energy savings to pay for their high cost.

  4. Looks like CHUD boi's electricity didn't get turned off. Too bad.

  5. @7:50Am and yet the Green New Deal hasn't been implemented, isn't a law, so you're lying or ignorant, or both, and you don't have any idea what you're talking about. Typical.

  6. @7:50-and yet there are windmills in the Artic and Iceland. Unlike Texas though, they used windmills with de-icers installed. They work fine. Maybe complain to Rick Perry as he's the one solely responsible for Texas going private to escape Federal Regulations. How come windmills in Iowa and Minnesota haven't frozen dummy? They are in abundance there. Maybe learn to think critically it might keep you from posting stupid shit like this and looking like more of a moron than you already are. How about that?

  7. Most who are out of propane are those who don't fill their tanks full and just buy a couple hundred gallons at a time and then the roads are bad and the trucks can't get around fast enough to refill the tanks. Fill them tanks up and they wouldn't have theses issues. I grew up living in a home heated by propane, the hot water heated by propane, and moms cook stove used propane and we were never out of propane as the dude filled/topped our tank every two weeks in case weather got real bad.


    At his wits' end during the freeze, what happened when the hillbilly connected a hose between his tank and butt, after eating chili?

    When he lit a joint he got an instant high!!!

  9. Evergy gets 30% from renewables yesterday only 8% available without Coal and Nuclear whole area would have gone dark,we all need to get plug in cars to Feel better about ourselves

  10. ^^and yet everything you posted is a lie. Weird.


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