Kansas City COVID Lawsuit Era Begins

At some point there will a statewide or even a federal limit on courtroom pandemic power moves. 

For now, here's a glimpse at legal action trending in Kansas City and throughout the nation . . . Check-it.

The family of a nurse who died from COVID-19 is suing her employer for wrongful death workers compensation.

Tracy Kolterman loved health care and the seniors she served. She worked as the charge nurse at McCrite Plaza Senior Living. Attorneys for Kolterman's family say she contracted COVID-19 at work.

"While she was in the hospital dying, her employer was actually texting her assurances, reassuring her and her family that they would qualify her for workers compensation benefits," said Kristie Welder, of the Welder Firm.

Kolterman was sick for five weeks. She died Jan. 19, just a few weeks before she would have been vaccinated.

Check the links . . .

Fox4: Family of nurse who died of COVID files wrongful death lawsuit against Northland care facility

KMBC: Family of nurse who died from COVID-19 sues her employer

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  1. They already earned a good settlement from Research. Looks like they're on a roll.

  2. Very sad story. This is why the limits on workplaces are important. Mayor Lucas is doing the right thing.


  3. Democrap greedy weasel Trial Lawyers hoppon' aboard the Covid scam train.

  4. There isn't anything quite like milking a corpse is there? Was she a Navy Corpseman like Obama spoke so highly of?

  5. Stinking hospitals will not hesitate to take everything you have with collection lawyers. Anything insurance doesn't pay, due to inflated prices, will be laid on YOU. EVEN IF YOU DIE They will go after your family. It makes my day to see them catch shell from lawyers for the family. MAKE EM PAY!

  6. there are other ways to constract the virus - gas pump handles, door knobs and handles of various stores, the left over change from a fast food restaurant drive thru window, the mailbox and letters with-in, a child and or friend coming over for a visit, using a contaminated land line phone inside a home, possibly having a pet sneeze on you....

    i'm sure i missed a few other ways.

  7. ^^and yet your not a doctor. Just an old washed up loser who gets everything you know from people who are trying to keep you dumb. Congrats, they won with you. Learn to think critically geezer. You don't have much time left!

    1. ^^^^^ Did mommy not let you suckle yourself to sleep last night on her 72 year old tit ?

  8. Good families are filing lawsuits, make these greedy employers and businesses pay for making the decision to endanger people's lives.

  9. The family cannot prove that she got Covid at work.
    They want to litigate this in the Press.
    Not a winner.

  10. if one were to be a lawyer in defense of an old folks home, for example, i could use reasons above that are written in the 7:55 post and possibly........win.

  11. Look, she died! Okay!!!??!! People fuckin die! She dressed out at 265 in pads and had fried chicken every day for breakfast. Written up several times for smoking cigars in ICU and unlike Clinton, she inhaled. The only exercise she got was chasing the Ice Cream Truck. When she sat in the bathtub the water in the toilet would rise. I am not saying she was fat, but if I had to name the fattest five fuckin people in America, she would be three of them.

    She can't win this lawsuit, but, she could sue KFC for "Over serving" her.

  12. Diet Coke. Making people feel good about ordering 2 Big Macs and a large fry since 1982.

  13. 8:46...wrong. If the old person had not left the old folks home since this started, then you would lose. Big time. Weird.

  14. The World Health Organization announced that dogs cannot contract COVID-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out.

  15. dear resentful TKC readers:

    access to the courts are every citizen's birthright

    we fought a revolution to maintain our rights

    when missouri was added to the union as a state in 1820/21 there was nothing in that political act that deprived our rights - God given as Englishmen - to go to the courts if someone wrongs us

    and now these chicken shit right wing Chamber of Commerce types want to give away for nothing every citizen's birthright. the right to go to court if wronged. and you resentful pricks cheer it on! so short-sighted

  16. thank you 9:28, our resident pun-maker laureate

    what are you doing during the NFL coin-flips next season?

  17. 9:50 If you think the Chamber Of Commerce is conservative you are brain dead.

    They are in bed with Democrats, BIG TECH, big media and the deep state.

    Read the left wing Time Magazine article about the election and the Chamber Of Commerce and the AFL/CIO working together to install the Biden Crime Family.


    Try to keep up.

  18. The Chamber Of Commerce is the Chamber Of Communists.


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