Possibly the first real sign of pandemic progress that EVERYONE is going to take credit for despite very little cooperation betwixt anyone during the crisis.

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Positive news as KC's COVID-19 rates drop to lowest rate in months

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - People are breathing a little easier across Kansas and Missouri as the number of COVID-19 cases drops to the lowest levels in months. According to Missouri's Show Me Strong website tracker, Kansas City has a positivity rate of 5.8%. It hasn't been that low since the first week of June.


  1. And tomorrow Dr Deminto "Fauci" will have it back up with a deadlier strain. The Gestapo goes on.

  2. Deminto. Sweet Jesus you buffoon.

  3. The real reason is that the disease has run its natural course, regardless of non-pharmaceutical measures likes masks and lockdowns, and regardless of the late arriving vaccine which has not been widely enough given to create any sort of herd immunity. This is what new diseases do. They flare up and they die down. Life goes on.

  4. As we all suspected the Karencrats are calling off the Plandemic now that they have stolen our government. Woke indeed !

  5. Actually it's spelled Demento 4:49. You might try looking it up before going all grammar and spelling Nazi on people dumbass.

  6. All is good now that China flu joe is in charge! The hoax plandemic the demoncraps created is over!

    Right on time just like we all knew it would be.

  7. But but but, the new strain!

  8. 5:04. Yes, of course it's demento. That's why I repeated the way the goober had incorrectly spelled the word.

    Reading comprehension much? Dipshit.

  9. After the Marxist Media falsely scared suburban soccer moms into believing that Trump was responsible for Covid-19, now the number of Covid cases are magically declining at a rapid rate in the dead of winter.

    Stolen Election 2020.

    Marxist Media and Democrat Party Operatives including the FBI:

    *Seditious coup against President Trump with the false Russian hoax.
    *Falsifying of Covid-19 case numbers.
    *Ballot Harvesting
    *Main-In Ballots
    *Coordinated and funded ANTIFA / BLM burning of major cities
    *Attacks on law enforcement
    *Burisma Coverup
    *Presidential Debate rule changes; media debate moderators attacking Trump on Biden's behalf.
    *No debate questions regarding Foreign Policy.
    *False impeachment of President Trump due to Bidens Burisma corruption
    *Biden hiding in basement for 8 months.
    *Vote counting stopped in swing states during the dead of night

    1. Is down up in your alternate reality place, 6:27?


    When you alter the "cycle threshold" setting of the PCR lab test you can easily make the number of "positive cases" go up or down according to your goals.

    Virologists and other related scientists know that a PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is a bad idea to begin with, and a cycle threshold setting above 25-30 renders the test useless. Throughout 2020, labs in our region and across the country were commonly using settings of 35-40. Thousands upon thousands of people were told they tested positive, when in fact they had no virus in their body capable of causing an infection.

    Fake Drs. Fauci/Birx/Archer never told you that because they were pushing a "Chicken Little" agenda to purposely scare the American public. Now they desperately want you to take an unapproved, never before used in humans, rushed through abbreviated trials mRNA vaccine that potentially will set you up for allergic reactions, autoimmune disorders, and death, when you're exposed to one of the 7 naturally occurring coronaviruses in the world capable of infecting humans.

    MY BODY, MY CHOICE....keep your vaccines away from me.


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