Kansas City COVID Budget Begging Session: 'Everybody Has The Right To Get Angry'

Right now city hall is waiting on Prez Biden to bankroll Kansas City and the 70 MILLION budget is mostly a fantasy and Hollywood accounting.

Nevertheless, the homeless, entertainment districts and other special interests argued their case today with politicos who patiently listened to mostly powerless people. 

Here's the best roundup . . .

Kansas City, Missouri, residents weigh in on proposed city budget

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The pandemic took a toll on Kansas City's budget and on Saturday, the public had a chance to voice concerns on the proposed budget for the up coming fiscal year. Several dozen people gave their opinions in attempts to sway city council members' minds.


  1. The proposed 1.7 billion dollar budget that’s supposed to take a 38 million dollar cut is somehow bigger than last years budget, imagine that, the mayor can’t lie worth a damn.

    What lies will he tell about the proposed 195 million dollars the feds are gonna give us? Notice I said us and not him because it’s not his it’s ours and we should have a say with what we want it spent on.

  2. Smoke and mirrors.
    Thoughts and prayers.

  3. KCFD already called dibs on the 195 mil from China Joe's money tree

  4. I'm here for the free shit.

    Say what, no free shit?

    Well then, I'm going home!

  5. $89 budgeted to buy Councilman Eric Bunch a new suit at the Burlington Coat Factory.

  6. Anyone listen to the input from our "citizens"? I hope they don't own and operate a car.

  7. I'm erect Bunch2/27/21, 11:03 PM

    More money for bike lanes should be a priority, and some for me a new set of spansex panties.

  8. "Experiencing homelessness" is the new journalist-ese for "is a bum."


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