Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs Front Office Earns Corporate Fanboi Affection

Middle-class fans who aren't comfortable wearing another dude's name on their backs instead offer high praise for the execs who mange the team and take down EPIC taxpayer subsidy without suffering any negative MSM publicity.

Accordingly, here's a glam article to help power that trend  . . . In order to make conversations with tax attorneys more palatable.

Check-it . . .

Kansas City Is Executing Its Master Plan to Perfection

I could hear a crinkle of paper through the phone. "Let me pull my roster out," Brett Veach, the Chiefs' general manager, told me. He's trying to answer a big question: What is different about scouting players for the Chiefs compared to other teams? The question-and its answer-cut to the heart of why the Chiefs have won 25 of their past 27 games and are attempting on Sunday to win their second consecutive Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

Chiefs rule, geezers drool!

Anonymous said...

^^ So do you when your boyfriend gets done with you.

Remember The USS Liberty said...

Andy Reid's tits are the nicest in the NFL !