Kansas City Celebratory Gunfire Assured In Event Of Super Bowl Repeat Victory

A repeated futile note has NEVER influenced people in this cowtown to put down their guns during drunken celebrations.

From New Year's Eve to 4th of July and/or the random weekend party . . . Gunfire is, tragically, a tradition of local party time.

Here's the latest pleading with the public that won't convince so many locals with itchy trigger fingers . . . Read more:

People urged to not shoot guns in celebration if Chiefs win Super Bowl LV

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Excitement is building for the Kansas City Chiefs' second straight Super Bowl appearance, but if the team wins another championship, one mom is hoping people don't celebrate by firing their guns. Michele Shanahan DeMoss' daughter Blair was struck and killed by a stray bullet during the Fourth of July celebrations in 2011.


  1. As a multiple gun owner, it's juvenile, and stupidly irresponsible to fire into the air. It's strictly a "show-off" move.


  2. Well of course they will. It makes them feel big and bad along with their Obama phones and welfare checks. With all of that they have balls, don't you know? BLM and don't you ever forget that.

  3. At over a dollar a round, it hardly seems worth the little bit of joy it would bring.

  4. There will be gunfire but there will be no Stupid Bowl victory.

  5. I hope the chiefs lose. That should save lives.


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