Kansas City Catholic Testimony From Inside The Federal Pen

Impactful perspective from somebody much tougher than the average keyboard warrior offers hope for those who have made mistakes . . . Here's the Sunday word . . .

What federal prison taught me about confession

by Doug Fencl Special to The Leaven I will be the first to tell you that I don't like confession. Why? Because if done right, it is painful. The ego hates it. But as we have seen in the Resurrection, pain is often the path to joy and eternal life.


Anonymous said…
sin is sin - if it's bad go to confession, if it ain't, don't.

if you're confused about what is bad and what isn't bad consult with professional help, not a priest/confessional. life too short to worry about all that.
Anonymous said…
You can just confess your sin to God.

Eliminate that sinner Priest who has no magical powers and probably no standing before God. Most sinners are closer to God than priests are. Think God listens to the Priests who drinks, smokes, lusts, rapes and teaches unbiblical doctrine? I think not! If your priest is a rapist God cant use him to forgive your sins through confession.
Anonymous said…
1-50 You sound really nice! Got the whole anti apostolic faith thing going on

You make claims about the Bible that it never makes for itself. And historic Christianity was not Protestant and certainly not evangelical fundamentalist, really you can learn a lot if you just start with understanding the liturgy it has meaning and deep antiquity behind it especially, e.g. the anaphora parts and the kyrie eleison both very ancient well attested across many liturgical traditions

The generic confession of sins in the early part of the mass should do for the routine failings u seem to be discussing, 7:24

Radish has spoken
Anonymous said…
"deep antiquity behind it especially, e.g. the anaphora parts and the kyrie eleison both very ancient"

In other words the Catholic faith is old manmade traditions.

Are you aware Mary and Peter weres Jews who lived 700 years before the Catholic Church was formed? Yes, they NEVER heard the words : Catholic, Mass, Mother Mary, Rosary or Pope - ever!

Mary was a Jewish woman who died and is buried awaiting reserection day. She cannot hear your prayers. She is not a God. She was a holy person, but she had lots of sex and the Bible states she had many children. She was used once, to bring Christ into the world. That was her mission. And God chose her. She did nothing to deserve it more than any other Jewish woman. If you think somehow she is more special than any other converted Jewish woman you are wrong. She has no magic powers. She cant help you. Dont make idols and graven images of her. She has not heard one prayer ever. There is the reserecton and it has not happened yet. So why claim she is alive and helping you somehow.
Anonymous said…
10:11, Get thou behind me, Satan.