Kansas City Boomers Desperately Seeking Tech Help Getting COVID Vaxx?!?!

Actually, this report is garbage. Unless we're talking VERY elderly people who have never navigated a laptop, I've noticed that older people are EXCEPTIONAL at navigating the endless PR jargon that clogs hospital websites and demands reading through mission statements and endless politics before getting near a sign-up form.

Nevertheless, here's the report from a local blog that's way more effective at asking for donations rather than offering engaging content . . . Read more:

Online COVID-19 vaccination scheduling harder for older adults in Kansas City

Dee Wynne of Liberty, Missouri, started registering her 87-year-old mother, Barb, for a COVID-19 vaccination on multiple websites as soon as she could. Filling out the online forms would have been impossible for her mother, who doesn't own a computer. "I couldn't have done it on my own," said Barb, who asked not to use her last name for privacy.


Anonymous said…
The only reason it’s getting harder to schedule is because the city doesn’t have a plan set up yet, after health care workers got theirs there wasn’t anything in writing from shitty hall or the health dept on who’s next.

It’s apparently been left up to people to find their own way around to getting the shots.

Mayor lickass and no balls has had a year to prepare for this and they got nothing. Typical dimwit run city right there folks.
D卐M☭CRATs LIE said…
Wouldn't get it if you paid me.
Anonymous said…
If you’ve ever had to look something up on the city’s website you’d understand why most people can’t find what they are looking for, looking up one thing takes you through a very confusing website that requires multiple clicks to get to the right page and then it’s more clicks to find exactly what you need. You can get lost very easily. Whoever is in charge of the IT Dept needs to be removed immediately.
Bandit said…
I didn't trust the government before this and I have even less reason to do so now. Hard pass.
Anonymous said…
^^Had to use one of your other ID's now that we exposed you as a liar huh Bandit?
Anonymous said…
^^Liar. Bye.
Anonymous said…
allocation system is both corrupt and incompetent.

would have been better if it had been implemented by the feds from the start.
Anonymous said…
Sleepy Joe has a plan to roll out the vaccine in record time. The problem is that he is sleeping now and it's still in his brain.
Anonymous said…
KCMO city government needs a new website that residents can actually navigate and use?
Looks like a great opportunity for some insider consultant.
And a chance to spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars.
Maybe it can be rolled and hidden in the soccer field expenditure!
Anonymous said…
Yeah that's right the reason people are not getting vaccinated is because they can't figure out how with all the constant 24/7 media coverage/propaganda on how to get vaccinated.

Anyone with any sense is skeptical of a DNA/RNA altering shot (that is medically not a vaccine) for a disease that 80 of ppl never know they have it, and with a 99,98 survival rate under 70 and only kills ppl who already have two feet in the grave, but what the hell big pharma needs its profits.

Not to mention that there are ZERO long term studies and the only short term studies were by the manufacturers who enjoy immunity.
KC said…
Sloppy Joe's handlers called an early lid today so he could enjoy a hot shower, something most people in Texas haven't done since last Saturday.