Saturday, February 20, 2021

Kansas City Airline History Hot Mess Worsens

For those who haven't seen this one yet, it's one of many local disputes about a museum that's mostly empty . . . Read more:

Airline History Museum Hits Turbulence with Landlord

The Airline History Museum, an attraction at the Wheeler Downtown Airport for 35 years, is fighting to prevent its collection of classic airplanes from being evicted by the private operator of the city-owned facility. The non-profit's dispute is with Signature Flight Support, which holds the master lease with the city on several hangars, associated aircraft parking aprons and buildings at Wheeler.


Anonymous said...

Rent is free in KC! Lucas said so!

Anonymous said...

hope the greedy landlord doesn't screw over the place to take the learn about aircraft.

Anonymous said...

It’s a city owned property, why isn’t the city managing it?

Never underestimate the dimwits ability to fuck things up.

Reality Speaker said...

If the shitty quit throwing money at 18th & Vine or P&L, they could help this worthwhile museum.

Cancel culture on display. No history except black history.

A fucking shame.

Vote no on the Etax.

Anonymous said...

If the City is going to hire a British Company to run both of KC's Airports, why does the City have an Aviation Department?

KC said...

Damn you Mark Johnstone
Group Chief Executive of Signature Aviation
& CEO of Signature Flight Support

Damn you Tony Lefebvre
Chief Operating Officer

Damn you Shawn Hall
Chief Commercial Officer

Damn you Shawn Fallon
Chief Financial Officer

Damn you Ben Hooper
Chief Human Resources Officer

Damn you Maria Garton
General Counsel

Tab said...

If it had something to do with Black Supremacy month there would be buckets of money showered on them from the racist clown council.