Kansas Casinos Stay Losing

More bad news for another local industry that's mostly predicated on human misery and a dearth of understanding of statistics and the laws for probability.

Here's a glimpse at hard times all around . . . Read more:

Kansas' four state-owned casinos say revenue down 28% in 2020

by: The Associated Press Posted: / Updated: WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Kansas' four state-owned casinos reported a 28% drop in revenue last year when they were closed for two months because of the coronavirus pandemic. The four casinos in Kansas City, Mulvane, Dodge City and Pittsburg generated about $300 million revenue in 2020, down from $416 million the year before.


  1. Buy Bitcoin, real estate, Gamestop, Apple, Facebook, Tesla they skyrocket.

    People getting smart and gamble in the market - its better odds

  2. Fuckin' government shouldn't be in the gambling business.

  3. ^^Whaaa!!! Whaaa!!! Governmennt..shouldn't be...a...a..duh...doy..sumpin..in..the..dug..business..Whaaa!!! Whaaa!!!

  4. Non smoking sections in casinos are a joke. Smokers just aren't dying fast enough.

  5. The same people who buy insurance for every conceivable economic setback when the odds are massively in their favor. People who won't invest in the stock market because they might lose money will gamble away their life savings when the odds are totally against them. You just can't fix stupid.

  6. ^^We know. You're proof! Duh.


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