Johnson County Crooks Target Karen's Purse

Rising economic desperation might soon force middle-class white women to confront increased danger that's now more prevalent in the suburbs as well.

Read more more or maybe just tell Karen to hide her junk and stop sending an invitation for an easy robbery . . .

Police warn of trend targeting people at Johnson County fitness centers

LENEXA, Kan. - Lenexa Police are warning people who live in Johnson Co. of a trend they're seeing at fitness centers - and it's not one you want to join. Cars in fitness center parking lots were broken into twice last week according to Lenexa police.


  1. This is what you get when you have liberals like Sharice Davids and liberal blacks move into your area and bring their crime and low class ways with them. Watch Patrick AMahomes take down the Sunset Hills neighborhood. It's a FACT

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  3. @11:38AM OK Boomer. Every real estate agent in town knows geezers are the number 1 reason for declining property values. They can't/wont take care of the properties and let run to the ground. Nice try grampy, paint your fucking house!

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  9. Try not leaving your purse in the car. It works.

  10. Amy Winehouse With Tampon String Hanging Out2/1/21, 4:47 PM

    A cowardly Negro snatches an innocent woman's purse so we call her a "Karen" and suggest that she caused it herself ? Stay classy, TKC !


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