Jackson County Sheriff Forté Earns Local Black History Month Spotlight

Credit where it's due, there is absolutely nobody in this town who would dare question the FACT that the law man has worked overtime for Kansas City

Accordingly, here's local tribute to one of the top ranking public officials throughout the metro:

Sheriff Forté reflects on 35-year career of breaking barriers in Kansas City, Jackson County

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forté worked his way up the ranks to become police chief and then was elected sheriff. Forté, who grew up in Kansas City, put in an application to Kansas City Police Department when he was 19. But that wasn't when his law enforcement career began.


  1. 35 yrs on the tax dollar and wasted money for an egomaniac who has caused harm to the police and sheriffs Dept with is so called “leadership”

    Wasted money and he should resign

  2. With no real accomplishments under his tenure as Chief or Sheriff besides just having Black skin, I can't imagine what all the celebration is about. Spare me. I'm a Black history buff with the best of them but with this guy? I cannot comprehend the fuss. Overstated. Overrated.

  3. no beef with Forte but he has made out like a bandit on the government teat. Retired from KCPD with a small fortune, now double dipping with the county. Nice work if you can get it.

  4. Why are negros so racist?

  5. Worthless, racist, POS!

  6. "there is absolutely nobody in this town who would dare question the FACT that the law man has worked overtime for Kansas City."

    ..about $500,000 worth of over-time!

    But to be fair, he used it to go to law school, like he told everyone when abruptly resigning before the Child Victims Unit scandal broke.

  7. Breaking barriers like the sound barrier with high-speed flatulence. Maybe go write a book about it that nobody will buy. No one cares but two people working in the Jazz Museum.

  8. I have never understood why he would have received any overtime pay. Isn't the Chief of Police position a salaried position and therefore exempt???

  9. Lol.. The funds that Forte left with is common to every recent retiring police chief in KCMO...


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