Jackson County Legislators Work For 'Inclusive' New Jail Conversation

Downtown residents have wanted to move the old & busted facility outside of the loop for nearly five years. Sadly, the courthouse doesn't seem any closer to making progress.

Recent money quote . . .

Jalen Anderson, 1st district legislator, said the communities impacted most need more chance for input.

“The amount of black men that are in this jail, the amount of Latinx people that are in this jail, the majority are minorities,” Anderson said. “We don’t have enough voices from our communities of color to move forward on this.”

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Concerns come up as Jackson County legislators propose new jail facility

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As talks about a new detention center continue in Jackson County, legislators say they have new concerns that aren't getting answers. County Legislator Dan Tarwater proposed the facility in response to the needs of the current jail, where conditions have gotten worse in recent years.


  1. Perhaps they can get some of the tactical social workers to have them all sing Kum by ah around burning trash can and make smores...eyeroll

  2. Me thinks the desire to relocate and build a new Jackson County jail is part o the bigger plan to bring Royals Stadium downtown.

    This jail is not that old.

  3. This will end well and be hellafun to watch! Popcorn anyone?

  4. Here's my input. Make it big. Really, really big. Pay the guards a lot of money. Build it near Dogpatch along with a new County Courthouse. Close the other two courthouses.

  5. I think Tony once told us only white progressives use the word Latinx. Sounds like Ms Jalen doesn't care crap about the white prisoners in the jail.

  6. Your communities of color are in the jails stupid!

  7. So are they saying they need more white prisoners to make them feel better? Gee, that’s a great idea, brilliant! Hahahahaha!

  8. Wouldn't it be more productive for those "communities" to work with their residents to try to PREVENT more of their members from ending up in the jail?
    Why not just have the current inmates design and build the building?
    Inclusion at its finest!
    What could possible go wrong?

  9. The Latino inmates and the black inmates need to build a better relationship with each other. Maybe to start with , the Latino inmates could teach the black inmates to speak, read and write Spanish. The black inmates could teach the Latino inmates to speak, read and write... wait. Uh, never mind.

  10. Hey Jalen! Just tell the blacks and hispanics to quit committing crimes and this wouldn't be an issue!

    And what comments do you need???? They commit a crime they go to jail....just don't commit the damn crime.

    No, move this forward build the jail, quit paying guards low wages and you wouldn't have a jail that is run by the inmates


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