Jackson County Deadly Gunfire Charge And Local White Lady Put On Blast

Mugshots are old & busted, social media pix shared by authorities and MSM are the new hotness.

In fairness, it's likely that domestic drama testimony will likely serve to avoid any jail time.

Here's today's distraction from miserable local life and court dox homicide aftermath: 

A Blue Summit woman has been charged in connection with the fatal shooting on Friday evening of Zachary Jewell, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced today.

According to court records, family members of the victim told Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies that they were at Inner City Fire on Blue Ridge Boulevard in Kansas City when they heard someone banging on the door.

They saw the defendant was outside. She screamed, “I shot him. I shot him.” Deputies found the victim, Zachary Jewell, outside Inner City Fire. Emergency personnel attempted to resuscitate the victim. He has been shot. He was pronounced deceased later at a hospital.

Check the links:

KCTV5: 'I shot him. I shot him': Woman, 27, charged in Jackson County fatal shooting

LST: Blue Summit woman, 27, charged in fatal shooting of Zachary Jewell

Fox4: Prosecutors requested a $50,000 bond. Suspect reportedly bonded out of the Jackson County Detention Center.

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Anonymous said…

Don't you think saying she was a white women was a little racist. Come on man.
Anonymous said…
^^^ True dat.
Anonymous said…
I would also add that showing her mug shot is racist and borderline sexist.
Anonymous said…
Need to know the pronouns first - that could be a dude.
Anonymous said…

She’ll be out in no time. She’s got the complexion for the protection. She had to kill him. She’ll get away with murder. The rules don’t apply to her. She’s a pretty little damsel in distress. Blah, blah, blah, blah.
D卐M☭CRATs LIE said…
Ain't Dogpatch wonderful?
Anonymous said…
Nothing says "Class" like a selfie in a toilet.
KC said…
Mmmmmmm...toliet selfies....
Anonymous said…

blonde hottie..will prolly be gettin' raped soon , by the darkie prison guards.
Anonymous said…
2:35 has some sort of point - over at my side of the state line if one has tried saying i want no argument or has tried everything possible to avoid getting beat up or worse they can shoot in self defense. hope she had a permit.

more than likely though, she had a gun and wanted to see of it would work just like on t.v.
Anonymous said…
They should add on 5 years for the "bathroom" selfie.
Ppl really got the nerve ..A promising young man was killed in all this, regardless of color or gender she shoot and killed a YOUNG MAN .
IF YOU DO YOUR HOME WORK , YOU WOULD SEE YHATS SHE got away with murder before this a few yrs ago .. she deserves life in prison without parole . Cecil Hensley
Was the mans name , i do recall .. hopefully justice will be severed and we never see her face again .. RIP ZACHARY W JEWELLS
He wouldnt shoot her ! Shes a monster.. theres no excuse for ignorance if she was so worried she would not have been banging on his door .