Jackson County Courthouse Closed In Cold

Extreme weather brings this town to a standstill.

Here's one more example . . .

Jackson County closes courthouses Tuesday to conserve power

Jackson County courthouse SOURCE: KMBC The Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City, Historic Truman Courthouse in Independence and all county Parks and Rec facilities will be closed to the public on Tuesday to conserve power during the extreme cold. All non-public safety departments will also work remotely.


  1. Lazy fuckers just don't want to work. Government checks are nice. You never have to prove your worth. Ever.

  2. Knowing how stupid Frankie boi is he probably had them turn the heat off too! More busted water pipes because of his stupidity! Lmao!

  3. Ninny says....Get those lazy flockers out shoveling snow off the streets.

  4. ^^Why? Pops? You don't shovel. In fact you haven't gotten off your fat ass in decades. Fat-ass CHUD.

  5. You’ll sound stupid they still working from home like every body else I use work for court lazy wtf there too much work to be lazy guess you don’t got damn job we worked for state we low pay like state building asshole can’t say nothing nice don’t speak at all


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