If Kansas City Streetcar 'Celebrates' Black Culture, Will It Ever Turn East?!?

Let's be real, the toy train was designed as transit for hipsters and the luxury apartment dwellers of downtown & the Crossroads. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic destroyed the sketchy biz model that's more of a development ponzi scheme. 

Even worse . . . The streetcar hopes to connect the Country Club Plaza to downtown rather than turning East and offering more access to an urban population that uses public transit more effectively given local ridership stats. 

Sadly, the answer to these questions are usually involve PR and this promotional effort that's kinda of cringe-y and involves yet another pointless online chat session.

Take a peek . . .

Storytelling on the Streetcar: Celebrating Black Culture

On Friday, February 26 at 7 p.m., Kansas City is virtually invited to join KC Streetcar's Third Annual Black History Month celebration. 'Storytelling on the Streetcar: Celebrating Black Culture' is a celebration of Kansas City's Black culture through dance, poetry, art, and music and will premiere on KC Streetcar's YouTube page and Facebook page.


  1. THE streetcar won't turn east unless the gutless wonders at 12th and Oak get other taxpayers in the city to pay for the operations.
    Remember that this farce is "funded" by special property taxes on the residents and businesses along the route.
    No way that's going to happen east of Troost.
    Maybe the usual suspects could use part of the special CITY-WIDE sales tax that funds ONLY Third District "projects". Of course, that wouldn't be near enough.
    The east side is better off watching the city throw away money at 18th and Vine. At least that scam is a well-oiled machine.
    How about actually fixing the streets?

  2. Wow! They've come up with every use for the toy train EXCEPT using it as a toy train to transport people. Damn KC wasted a lot of money on that boondoggle!

  3. ^^You reply to your own posts and get your head kicked in every time you post. LOL!

  4. ^^Lame Joseph Goebbels wannabe.

  5. ^^poor man's stuper dave

  6. I think it would be a splendid idea to have bike lanes down the center to both Troost and Prospect and a street car system for both as well. The street car could start at River market and run out to 95th on both streets. Might have to add sleeper cars for the homeless.

  7. Hope they tell stories of brave black thugs stabbing and murdering other black thugs, women, and children. Black Lives Murderers.

  8. ^^Hope you get the Rona and die.

  9. Been there. Done it. Had it and survived. It's a bad flu. Nothing more. Quit pissing yourselves.

  10. 12:31 +10000000000

    It could never go into the hood because it would be shot to pieces and filled full of bloody corpses. Another bad idea on top of and even worse idea.


  11. Seems to me we celebrate black culture everyday when we scrape dead bodies off of the streets. Right Lucas?

  12. ^^^

    Ew chud comments. NO thanks.

  13. They should put curb feelers on the streetcar as a tribute to black culture.

  14. It would need kevlar lined cars

  15. Black Culture? Oxymoron.


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