Former Kansas City Mayor Sly Fakes Nice Guy Routine Yet Again For Podcast

Behind the scenes EVERYBODY who has worked with Mayor Sly knows that he's grumpy most of the time and can be downright caustic when challenged on his many bad ideas.

Look at old photos from his time in office and notice a lot of people rolling their eyes as the former mayor effectively put on a happy face for cameras as he smiled, sang and danced with the plebs but fought viciously with colleagues.

We're not sure if the format works via audio and his media handlers weren't smart enough to realize as much . . . And so a few more smiley pix promote the former Mayor's latest endeavor.

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Don't call it a political podcast: Why positivity is the only filter on KCMO power duo's new project

A former mayor and his chief of staff have more to talk about than just politics - even after eight years in Kansas City's highest office, said Joni Wickham, describing the wider-ranging theme of her new podcast with Sly James.


Anonymous said…
What a nice guy. A dopey, vindictive puppet for developers, who did absolutely nothing while the city's issues worsened on his watch.
Anonymous said…
Best advice for Sly?
When you're in a hole, stop digging!
KCMO already has a car full of clowns with the current mayor and council.
Please go away!
Clayton Bigsby said…
Fat fuck can't even button his Harold Penner suit
Anonymous said…
Why isn't this a-hole not in the Cayman Islands screwing Claire in her dry condo.
Anonymous said…
Slie is hog.
Anonymous said…
^ you are caveman.
Anonymous said…

He's old and fat and he's trying to look cool. Look at the way he is dressed and how his coat is about to rip. Pathetic. Wizzo the clown dressed better. You have to be a real mental to look like this.
Anonymous said…
It's true the mind goes before the square jaw and orthodontist bills. But Sly James is known forever for pouring bleach on food that volunteers donated for the homeless at Pershing Park. Never forget that preacher Justin Mathews took several interviews supporting Sly James mean misdeed.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

Q: How much does Sylvester James love black women?

A: Let me count the ways,

1) 1st wife was white
2) 2nd wife was white
3) when he left a big KC law firm, he partnered with a white female attorney
4) as Mayor, he chose a white woman as his Chief of Staff
On Sylvester's bus, black women sit at the back!!!
Hyperblogal said…
He never saw a debt he didn't want the City to incur.