Fairfax Suffers COVID Downtime

Local car game update as the pandemic and continued economic & mental depression slow the purchase of big-ass trucks.

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Fairfax production hours reduced through at least mid-March

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - "Downtime" at the Fairfax General Motors plant in Kansas City, Kansas, will continue through mid-March due to supply-chain issues, the company said Friday. Issues with semiconductor supplies mean the vehicle manufacturer is only producing its most popular models, which include trucks, SUVs and Corvettes.


  1. Likely a cover story. Car sales are in the dumper.

  2. Joe Biden's America.

    11,000 Keystone Union job losses.

    GM union workers have their hours reduced.

    Joe Biden's Executive Orders are causing blue collar Americans to lose their jobs.

    Oh well, illegal immigration will help to further lower their hourly wages.

    Thanks Joe Biden !

    Thanks Marxist Democrat Party !

    Union workers will all be earning minimum wage with no benefits with the influx of illegal immigrants who will work for $7 an hour.

    That's the global elites game plan and why they had to get rid of Trump no matter what illegal means it entailed.


  3. YES this is the fake president Joe Biden's orders from the people that control him, it's not going to stop here either. He's going to take the country down just as they have planned years ago. Anyone notice the stores being empty of food? Wal Mart Market in Blue Springs is empty of almost everything. No storm coming just a few inches, not Christmas time. I noticed this is going on a lot at different stores. If you're not scared, you should be. They have told the idiot Biden to take this into 2022 and then it will go further mark my words. Watch gas go way up and medication is next not to mention your health care.


  4. Democrat greedy UAW slobs not able to scam as much overtime..to sit around and read porn mags..

  5. Joe Biden*, Resident Asterisk2/13/21, 7:56 PM

    They can learn to build solar panels.

  6. Wall E. Weasel2/13/21, 8:46 PM

    "Likely a cover story. Car sales are in the dumper."

    Nope, this is the real deal and it's coming soon to just about every industry you can think of. There is a (mostly) global shortage of all types of semiconductors and will be for some time. Have you priced computer components or tried to source raw semiconductors recently? Things are about to get nuts.

    I say it's a mostly global shortage because there's one locale which has no such problem - China. They're hoarding their manufacturing capacity for their own domestic consumption and that is squeezing out everybody else.

    It's a reckoning that has been a long time coming. The complete reliance on the just-in-time supply chain model combined with sourcing almost all semiconductors from Asia has lead to this.

  7. Grocery store shelves are starting to look empty again.

    The Democrat Party is providing Soviet Union style consumer goods.

    The political privileged receive the vaccines first and the peasants stand in long lines waiting and waiting and waiting.

  8. The "replacement" workers for Fairfax and Claycomo are "coming across the border" right now as we speak.


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