Dealer Car Complicates Britt Reid Crash

Freebies for footballers abound, here's one more that plays a part in tragic local crash investigation . . . Read more:

Missouri Department of Revenue assisting in Britt Reid crash investigation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Department of Revenue confirms to FOX4 it has offered help to Kansas City Police with its crash investigation focused on former Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid. The issue, the fact that the truck Reid drove the night of the crash was not his but belonged to a metro dealership.


Anonymous said…
A drunk pampered baby is now in real trouble. Daddy Reed have room in his basement ?
Anonymous said…
The room is going to be in a state facility.
Anonymous said…
^^With a large black man who makes him his bitch.
Anonymous said…
The strategy is to say "this might take months to investigate" and let it fade from the public eye. This is the plan and it will work.

Regarding him driving a car that belongs to some dealership:
Who cares? They let him drive it. He didn't steal it.
They can loan one of their cars to whoever they want to.
Anonymous said…
The dealership will have lots of questions about why a non employee was driving their vehicle if it was more than a test drive. Leads to insurance, licensing and tax issues just for starters.
Anonymous said…
Without any paperwork they are both screwed.
Anonymous said…
Way way different justice systems for the rich and well connected.
Anonymous said…

People drive on other people's insured vehicle's all the time. Your policy permits it.
They aren't giving him the car. The are letting him drive it.
As long as they get it licensed and pay the taxes, their is nothing illegal

You are letting your desire for revenge on a rich guy, blind you.
Anonymous said…
Nothing will happen to him.
All of the connected Judiciary in this town are not going to jeopardize their invitations to Suites at Arrowhead.
Anonymous said…
If Reid isn't paying taxes on the personal use of the vehicle then he has IRS issues on top of DUI and possible manslaughter charges. Plus, it will open an IRS audit on all of the coach's personal use of courtesy cars.

Surely, the Kansas City Chiefs Finance Department is monitoring the personal usage of the cars.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
The only reason he crashed was because he was busy reading tonys kansas city blog while he was driving

Now a young girl is going to get more money from gofundme than she ever would have seen in her lifetime
Anonymous said…
Was a player under the dashboard, playing head bobber ? BTW- they lost.. Mchomie will be down the road in 2 years.