Thursday, February 25, 2021

COVID Kills KCMO Corporate Welfare???

Budget hawks aren't so easily convinced that 12th & Oak is rebuking handouts to suits. However, for now and AFTER A UNANIMOUS SHOW VOTE, here's the city hall narrative dutifully reported by local MSM . . .

KC developers could see a reduction in their tax breaks soon as City Council eyes new priorities

Today's City Council vote could put more financial support toward schools and libraries after reducing tax breaks for luxury development projects. // Image courtesy of Since 2016, Kansas City developers have received substantial tax reductions on projects. That could change today.


Anonymous said...

Between the Karencratic plandemic and sponsored riots the tax base in KCMO has been trashed. As the real money buys up property for cheap over the next five years we citizens will be reduced to fighting over cars doing donuts and wearing mask. Get woke go broke.

Bandit said...

It's going to take at least a generation and a whole lot of leaders that don't have their heads up their butts to get Kansas City halfway to the point of solvency. Probably much longer then that since Q Ball's reign of irresponsibility isn't even close to over. 😏🍿πŸ₯¨πŸΊ

Anonymous said...

define 'significant job growth', buffoons.

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
And that man would be your usual suspect development attorney and bond lawyer!
"Reducing" incentives, tax breaks, land swaps, and outright grants have been announced year after year in KCMO and, not only is such flim-flam NOT reduced, there are actually new ways to scam the public added either locally or in Jeff City.
And don't forget there are other quasi-public agencies like the Port Authority, Planned Industrial Authority, and others where goodies can be distributed with a minimum of public oversight or even knowledge.
The P&L District, that has cost the taxpayers around $15 million/year since it was created in the Barnes administration is a great example of how these sucking chest wounds suck the city's general fund dry, making it even more unlikely that residents will be able to expect any decent basic services.
And there are dozens of them.
Another empty promise.

Anonymous said...

Thank sweet Jesus !!!