COVID Kills Kansas City Housing

Securing shelter amid the pandemic proves difficult as the American housing crisis worsens in this cowtown.

Here's a glimpse at the problem that isn't just confined to those below the poverty line but now impacts the working-class as prices continue to rise.

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Evictions Complicate the Search for Housing During Pandemic

After lugging his TV stand down four flights of stairs, Kieran Vickers was winded. He shouldn't be. He's 26 years old and otherwise healthy. But Vickers is recovering from COVID-19 after contracting it back in December. He and fellow tenant, Alli Reusser, also recently recovered from COVID.


  1. Our countries corrupt politicians have killed Kansas City housing. Has nothing to do with COVID has everything to do with Tyranny. BTW where is your racist black mayor today???? And on who's money is he using to get there and back? Hotel room and food included. You stupid stupid people.

  2. ^he ain't lyin...

  3. This is 20 years in the making. And will continue because of corruption and low level politicians in this city.

  4. Maybe those people should get jobs building solar panels amirite! Lmao!

  5. Landlord was in a no-win. He doesn't renew leases in order to renovate his building - renters bitch. He continues to lease unrenovated building - renters bitch. Either way that Tara twit and her crowd have it out for him.

  6. True Dat ^^^^


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