COVID Killed Kansas City Fan Fest 2021

Despite pandemic rules loosened for the Big 12, fun times haven't completely returned and the upcoming b-ball tournament won't really be the same.

Check the damage and another tacit slap in the face to small biz amid a decision that will help TV broadcasters and big biz far more than locals trying to make a buck in or around downtown . . .

With Big 12 Tournament's return to KC, some fans, businesses lament loss of Fan Fest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Sports Commission announced Friday that the Big 12 Tournament will allow 20% of fans in each venue. The men's tournament will be played at T-Mobile Center, and the women will play at Municipal Arena in the convention center. The tournament is slated to be held March 10-14.


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Kelly = Cuomo

Kansas lagging on vaccinating seniors, putting state employees ahead.