COVID Increases Kansas City College Angst

Blogger testimony depicts the NEXTGEN struggling with the future just as much as everyone else.

The bright side about this report is that it helps to destigmatize young people seeking help for mental anguish. 

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How COVID-19 Contributed To My Anxiety

I know what you're all thinking: "Maddie, another article about the virus or mental health?" Yes. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) for you, I'm actually going to be combining the two topics. The virus has been around for a year now, and while it feels like it's a part of everyday life, it has made me more anxious than I have been before.


Anonymous said…
And so what if...IF...we get rid of this virus? The Chinese will just send us another one and China Joe won't do anything. He campaigned for months that he had a "plan" but we can now see that was a lie.
Anonymous said…
There's just so much anxiety on college campuses:
Unconscious bias!
Sex discrimination!
Unfair "white" history!
And even professors who might expect you to learn something!
And worst and most unfair of all, TESTS!
It will all be so much better when these students graduate and get into the real world where everything is to their liking and all their challenges and problems are far in the past.
What a joke!
Anonymous said…
The commies no longer need Marxist professors. Chompsky you are gonna need to go trans if you wanna stay.
Anonymous said…
These people make me puke.
Captain Obvious said…
This isn't news. Everybody knows Millennials are mental.
Anonymous said…
i wonder what kind of mask does she use.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
100% the plan is blame Trump then take nap,China probably already has next pandemic in waiting
Anonymous said…
Hmm, what to think?
She's a Senior Psychology Major at UMKC.
Is she really a germaphobe anxiety-attack worrywart OR is she utilizing her psych-training to remind others to worry themselves into a constant state of delirium?
Has she received any federal grants for field research?