City College Reading List Fights Oppression

It's always "enlightening" to witness women discovering themselves through intense study via higher education. 

Even better, it seems that times have changed inasmuch as young women can skip right over Chomsky reading material and move right to "cancelling" sexists via Twitter.

Take a peek . . .

My Favorite Anti-Oppressions Books

Since last summer, I have dedicated much of my free time to reading books on anti-oppression.


Father Guido Sarducci said…
Translation: "My Favorite Anti-White Books". I think that censorship is a form of oppression. I wonder if Tony agrees.
KC said…
So the only books worth reading about anti-oppression must be written by authors of the same race being oppressed? If you developed cancer would you only look for black doctors who have cancer to treat you? It must be painful to go thru life judging each person and thing thru the dark sunglasses of race.
Anonymous said…

mo' "Hate Whitey" screeds ..written by wealthy black Affirmative Action scammers..

"required reading"
Anonymous said…

This UMKC junior political science/pre-law student appears cut from the same cloth as so many found dispersed throughout the Liberal Identity-Politics Democratic Party.

While she herself is not an "oppressed person", somehow she believes it's her duty to represent and be the voice of those below her own station in life. Now that is the twisted thinking of a self-righteous supremacist. And you find that same sense of self-importance all amongst the leadership class of liberal institutions. These are the people who embed themselves into government, non-profits, academia, and "social activism" to acquire political power, a taxpayer-supplied paycheck, and a platform from which to spew their patronizing attitudes toward the "oppressed."

It's never too late to wake up Mahreen.

Just say no to "Public Interest Law", say no to being a public defender, say no to working for a 501(c)(3), say no to earning a paycheck from taxpayers. The private sector is the arena for true warriors.
Anonymous said…
If the Koch Brothers are white and you are white, then how come Koch is holding all them money?