C. J. Janovy Sorta Back At The Pitch Via Progressive Non-Profit Content Scheme

This is actually good news inasmuch as it seems the Democratic Party is going to keep the legacy of a local hipster magazine intact by way of political fundraising.

For those who don't know, C.J. is a longtime Kansas City LGBT activist/scribe who once ran The Pitch. NOW, she's sending partisan screeds their way which are custom ordered via a new donation model that makes most of the content on the Internets totally unreadable and completely unreliable. Again, this is good news for TKC given that we not only survive but THRIVE in that kind of gutter marketplace of ideas. 

Here's proof of concept and a link to a garbage post which kind of ignores that Kansas has voted solidly Republican for more than half of a century and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future . . . Read more . . .

What history suggests about Kansas senators who voted to acquit Donald Trump

Classes weren't in session on Jan. 6, but insurrection day was fresh on students' minds when they came back to Wichita State University just a couple of weeks ago. "I think it will remain a teachable moment for the foreseeable future," says Robert Weems of Jan. 6.


  1. just scanned over the article..LOL! some "african-American Studies" lib prof still wailing about Emitt Till.. from 66 years ago!!

    the thousands of black-on-White murders since then don't count! Too funny!


    During her sojourn to NYC, C.J. got a job corralling the homeless street people to defecate into a designated sewer manhole...like getting people to advertise in The Pitch!!!

  3. Guy with the green stocking hat with the shithole sign looks like a child molester like all Democrat she-men do.


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