Blue Springs Family Starts Crowdfunding After 3-Year-Old Killed In Fire

There are many important and causes worth supporting in the Kansas City metro. 

Here's one more . . .

3-year-old boy killed in Blue Springs fire was sweet and a joy, family members say

BLUE SPRINGS, MO (KCTV) -- The cause of a fire that killed a 3-year-old boy in Blue Springs Friday is still under investigation. Dean Lancaster was what you would expect any 3-year-old to be: sweet, energetic, and a joy to his entire family. "He was definitely a boy boy.


  1. "They couldn't get to him" mean they ran away to save their assets. And why was he left alone, anyway? That's a poorly written story.

  2. Q: What do you do the day after a death in the family?

    A: Start a GoFundMe page....of course!

    Exactly when did this become a normal thing?

    America has turned into a competition to see who can claim to be THE BIGGEST VICTIM.

    Leading contenders are:
    a) Born a poor Black child to a single-mother who experienced homelessness = Quinton Lucas
    b) Born a poor Native child to a single-mother, + lesbian = Sharice Davids
    c) Born a poor biracial child to a White woman from KS and a Black man from Africa, + parental abandonment, + drugs, + homosexual = Barack Obama

  3. Man, that makes me sick to my stomach. The emergency responders would have to put me down to keep me from sacrificing my life for my child in a fire. And yes Millie, you cannot understand that, you'll project b/c you're a keyboard warrior who has no knowledge (and likely never will) of some parents love for their children. Heart rending.


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