Another Season Of Kansas City Outdoor Socially Distant COVID Dining Awaits

The pause in Winter weather has local foodies desperate to bring customers back to restaurants and sell overpriced chicken in 40 degree weather.

Accordingly, here's a blast of local places hoping to survive the last stretch of the pandemic.

Bring a coat, it's colder outside than it looks . . .

Kansas City's best patios, sidewalk seating and parklets for socially-distanced dining

Thanks to the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council, which approved a new set of ordinances in May, local restaurants are now able to expand their seating into adjoining parking lots, onto sidewalks or to even build custom parklets to create additional outdoor seating through the end of this year.


  1. A patio? No problem.

    Table and chairs out on the sidewalk? Hell no.

  2. Political pressure is mounting to knock this sissy crap off.

  3. ^^But you don't live here and you only eat at Bob Evans so...

  4. only vaccines could have saved restaurants.

    now, most will go broke and the people will start over.

  5. wear a mask with a velcro hole. My gf let me borrow her panties for such.

    it makes the food taste heavenly!


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