Accused Kansas City Metro Proud Boys Start Federal Court Proceedings

Federal charges are no joke and they can obliterate the finances and reputation of most Americans.

Accordingly, here's a quick peek at the local connection to an alleged American insurrection amid the Capitol riot.

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Four Kansas City-area Proud Boys appear in federal court; alleged leader to remain in custody

WASHINGTON - Four metro residents charged in the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol were in federal court Friday. One will remain in custody ahead of trial. The FBI arrested William Norman Chrestman, of Olathe; Christopher Charles Kuehne, of Olathe; Louis Enrique Colon, of Blue Springs; and Ryan Ashlock, of Gardner, and each of them are [...]


  1. Guilty....and now the trial. Dim0crat idea of due process when witch hunting

  2. Love our proud boys.

  3. So now playing make-believe and fantasy collide with the actual real world.
    Ever seen a "proud boy" cry?
    Everyone a celebrity!


  4. Got news for everyone these guys are not proud boys so they need to stop with their rhetoric and lies. You leftist sicko's never stop. Nice try though.

  5. Lock the lowlife criminals up! Stupid thugs who Trump played.

  6. Biden and Harris are the biggest cheerleaders of Antifa and BLM thugs. She even raised bail for violent offenders. Two brainiacs in the White House and they don't know which way is up.

  7. ^^^ PLUS 25,000

  8. I was at the WW1 park area the afternoon when there was a Trump rally. The collection of Proud Boys, Tea Party and low level thinkers was amazing. This group id the true enemy of America.

    1. Enemy of America? have been indoctrinated to h8 just like hitler did the germans. Was the museum burned looted of other wise vandlized?
      Nope. Just Americans peacefully exercising their rights and cheering the last honestly elected President.


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