Sunday, January 03, 2021

US Suffers 350K COVID Deaths & Counting

The Kansas City metro is coming off the MOST DEADLY MONTH of the pandemic and warnings about the latest surge spreading across the nation have become exceptionally dire.

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US braces for post-holiday Covid surge as death toll nears 350,000

The US is braced for a post-holiday coronavirus surge as its death toll nears 350,000, with thousands more predicted to die in the coming month and doctors warning they are at "breaking point". New Year's Day saw 160,606 new cases and 2,051 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University, bringing the total caseload to 20.1m and the death toll to 347,788.


Anonymous said...

350,000 is completely debunked.

Anonymous said...

The Marxist Democrats never blame their comrades the Communist Chinese for unleashing corona virus upon the world from their Wuhan bio weapon lab.

Every country has been impacted by the Communist Chinese virus with millions of lost lives.

Marxist Democrats and your Corporate Media propaganda machines - Why don't you hold Communist China accountable ?

The Democrats and Corporate Media always blame Trump who has been leading the charge to fight this Communist Chinese virus.

The United States developed a vaccine in record time under Trump's leadership to combat corona virus.

Anonymous said...

350,000 dead?
Good. More toys for me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Kansas City intelligentsia show up.

Anonymous said...

Just like the huge surge after Thanksgiving??...sorry MSM already used that fearmongering story. Time to generate new fiction.

Anonymous said...

But no flu deaths, which is cool.

Anonymous said...

US Suffers 350K COVID Deaths?

In the year of a "pandemic" the United States should see a marked increase in total deaths. That did not happen in 2020.

Every year in the U.S., a consistent and somewhat predictable number of residents die from common conditions like cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, pulmonary disease, diabetes-related, etc. These types of deaths did not stop in 2020 because Americans were told there was an invisible killer virus from China circulating the globe.

So, if you look at the CDC's very own data on American deaths in 2020, you should see all the usual annual deaths (cardiovascular, cancer, etc.) PLUS the additional deaths from Covid-19 that have been so widely reported, some 300,000+ additional.

But a strange thing happened on the way to the calculator, in the year of a pandemic you don't see a large spike in total deaths. How could that be? The explanation of course, is what an increasing number of people have come to realize, deaths are being mischaracterized as "Covid-19 deaths" when in fact they were cardiovascular, cancer, stroke, pulmonary, diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc. 2020 was a medical shell-game in which players were financially incentivized to go chasing after Covid, a "Pokemon Go" for the healthcare industry.

Now remember, when given the opportunity, take as many Covid-19 vaccine shots as you can get, because Big Pharma is depending on you! Myself, I'm starting a Vaccine Badge Collector's Club wherein members can earn points toward exciting prizes like sub-dermal surveillance chips, free Mind Control subscriptions, sterility, and euthanasia.

Anonymous said...

^^TL/DR. Nobody has any kind of time for this bullshit. You’re a TKC CHUD. You’re unfit to tell time. Go away Boomer nobody’s buying anything you have to sell.

Anonymous said...

We still cool to go out in groups and yell at others without mask, maybe light a few fires and throw some frozen water bottles around? I know covid stays away from riots er protests, maybe that will help keep people from getting the vid. I forgot to ask, do I need to wear a mask while having some stranger shove things up my anus? I ask because I heard that masks are not needed after having a sex change is that all true?. I heard it on the news.
Asking for a friend.

Anonymous said...

Would you elect a man that says we have only 15 cases in the USA, no deaths, and its going away like magic right now. So lets talk about stock market highs, thats really important