Friday, January 08, 2021


I think this is a good spot to let our most loyal readers know that TKC has been tinkering with the idea of changing up the comments but, as a blogger, I'm too feckless and adverse to change to radically switch up this winning formula for news, gossip, satire, and Kansas City discourse. 

Every time I get close to taking comments to moderation because a troll bum thinks they have some form of ownership over this digital bathroom wall . . . The TOP PHOTO guy comes through with a really funny joke or there's some really insightful comment that was obviously left by a local government insider.

Don't get it twisted, things change and they always do.

Reality Check: The crackdown targeting online speech is a bipartisan effort.

Still, this time THEY are coming after MAGA and the leader of the free world who is soon to be out of a job. 

Get it straight: TKC isn't a tech billionaire or even much of an influencer. This is simply a useful, snarky and informative blog that offers reporting, jokes, and perspective on local events that very often precedes our MSM colleagues or offers a unique hot take unmatched by local newsies who are constantly pressured by advertisers and elected officials.

And so, for the moment we're not making any big changes . . . Mostly because I hate getting out my old CSS, HTML5 & Javascript coding books but also because our content is a lot more more witty, fun, & light than MAGA -- It's you d-bags in the comments who are under a greater threat of being silenced by way of a trend that's picking up steam in the next few years.

Context and a glimpse at the future . . .

Deplatforming, also known as no-platforming, is a form of political activism or prior restraint by an individual, group, or organization with the goal of shutting down controversial speakers or speech, or denying them access to a venue in which to express their opinion. Tactics used to achieve this goal among community groups include direct action and Internet activism.

It is also a method used by social media and other technology companies to selectively suspend, ban, or otherwise restrict access to their platform by users who have allegedly violated the platform's terms of service, particularly terms regarding hate speech.

Banking and financial service providers, among other companies, have also denied services to controversial activists or organizations, a practice known as financial deplatforming. The term deplatforming also refers generally to tactics, often organized using social media, for preventing controversial speakers or speech from being heard. Deplatforming tactics have included disruption of speeches, attempts to have speakers disinvited to a venue or event, and various forms of personal harassment including efforts to have an individual fired or blacklisted.

Check the links . . .

CNN: Twitter bans President Trump permanently

Fox News: Twitter suspends @realDonaldTrump account permanently

KMBC: Attorneys talk about social media companies' responsibility for posts on platforms

Politico: Trump went 'ballistic' after being tossed off Twitter

UST: Hillary Clinton, Chrissy Teigen, Megyn Kelly and more famous faces react to Trump's Twitter ban

YF: President Trump responds to Twitter account ban in tweet storm from @POTUS account

Reuters: Google suspends Parler social networking app from Play Store; Apple gives 24-hour warning

ABC News: Twitter permanently suspends Donald Trump's account; president teases new platform

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Please go to Parler if one or more of your children refuse to speak with you.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LULZ.

Retro ROCKER said...


Anonymous said...


Fuck you, MAGAT police murdering traitors!

Anonymous said...

^^^ See, that comment should be deleted and user banned by Twitter.

No speech for anybody. Sorry.

Retro ROCKER said...

11:11 YOU have your wish. A Republican may never be President again .The Globalist and World Order will not Stand for a Constitution,President again. They will determine who will be The President not the Voter's. They got rid of Bern,ON the Left. Enjoy the Show y

Anonymous said...

CNN had an article today which appears to advocate a large scale effort to muzzle free speech.

Remember during the Arab Spring when we were horrified that a government would shut off large chunks of social media and the internet, silencing the people?

Anonymous said...

I had no interest in Parlel before. Now that Apple gave them 24 hour notice, I feel like I should download it just in case.

Anonymous said...

Joe isn't called Beijing Biden for nothing. Beijing Biden just got his orders to tell Big Tech that China wants Trump shutdown. This what 1984 was about.

Anonymous said...

All you people that think Biden is your savior - print this and put it away to look back on.

It's only a matter of time before they come for you too. If you don't say the right thing, back the right person, and if you disagree but don't sit down and STFU, you are next.

You will be thrown off social media.

You will be attacked and slandered.

The media will talk shit about you.

Your neighbors, who still believe these thugs, will come after you.

And I will be laughing my ass off because I will have survived the same treatment, and laid in the tall grass waiting to come back after them and get my country back, with it's Constitution, it's freedom, and law & order. Kicking your asses along the way is just a side perk.

Write this down little sheep. You are about to get Butt-fucked by the socialists. The first screw will be when senile-Joe gets shanked by Kamala.

Convince me i'm wrong. I dare you.

BBQ Ribs said...

^^^ You're wrong.

Most people only use social media to share family photos.

Most people don't watch cable news talk shows.

Most people just work, sleep, eat and die.

Most people don't vote and don't care.

The world will continue much as it has. And you'll just make yourself miserable.

Laugh a little bit, you'll enjoy the ride a lot more.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem you are taking for granted freedom or the opportunity that you have to make choices. Beijing Biden and Big Tech are going to take away your opportunity for choice. Look at some the things going on today you can't operate a restaurant after 10 pm in KC but you can until 12 pm in Johnson County.

Save KC said...

^^^ TRUTH!

If you want freedom, you must be vigilant,smart and use all legal means to defend your freedoms.

Thank you for writing it @12:04.

Anonymous said...

We need more MAGAT bodies in the streets compliments of US military sharpshooters. Every MAGAT cockroach needs to be brought to justice for their murdering, riotous, terrorist ways.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all realize we have been taken over by China. A quite take over just took place and half of us bought it without a struggle. Insane ? Just wait it will slowly become more apparent as the democrats begin to slowly dismantle our freedoms. Sadly it will be supported by many of us as we cannot or will not see it. China derangement syndrome.......

Anonymous said...

BLM much ? Civil war is coming with people thinking like you do.

Real GOP KC said...

^^^ Why have a civil war when there is actually a good debate.

Look at the elections, Republicans have increased their lead in Missouri and Kansas and in state houses across the nation.

The democratic strategy has failed and isn't sustainable. In the next elections we're going to see a very massive red wave. There is a lot of frustration.

Democracy works. Watch it.

Democracy is bigger than Trump.

Anonymous said...

11:46 he's only called that by Trump & His Turds.

Donald Trump has committed treason!

Giving him a social media voice only abets more lies & misinformation.

12:40, you're wrong. The Republican Brand has been tarnished. The only way they can save themselves is by throwing Trump under the bus.


Anonymous said...

This the result of letting the corrupt dems and media to openly steal an election

Anonymous said...

NAZI = Jack Dorsey & Mark Zuckerberg

Baubilinski said...

But I thought Republicans believed in the rights of free enterprise? Not big government forcing their will on private companies.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance, he can get on Parler.

Anonymous said...

Twitter is for per-teen kids. Its not presidential as far as communications. Someone guess Trump's password last month - it was "MAGA2020". Thats it! That was the Presidents password! We are lucky terrorist didnt hack it and plant inflamatory statements, as nobody would later believe it wasn't Trump.

Reagan would have NEVER used Twitter if it was around in his era.

Anonymous said...

There's an old saying, what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Scream and fume all you want, but Trump is gone in 11 days!
And the USA will still be here,
and the damage Trump caused to the Country will eventually be repaired,
and things will slowly but surely recover,
and your shreiking and whimpering will contnue,
and Trump will sink steadily further and further into irrelvance,
and your frustrations will grow as calm settles across the land,
and none of your dire fantasies will come true,
and America will heave a giant sigh of relief!

All starting in 11 days.

Anonymous said...

Due to some Trump idiots or whoever in Washington, Republicans lost the high road and their credibility to condemn law breakers for they have now become the law breakers in the eyes of the World. The Democrats are now leveraging that. When you commit crimes this egregious as was done at the Capitol there is no defense.

Sadly this is resulting in quickly muzzling the dog. Americans do not have the stomach for any contextual discussion after such a breach of institution and law of which they the Republicans have so vehemently accused the left of.

BTW the Conservative do have a righteous cause against the Left for many reasons, but they have just lost all power and credibility because of the continuing parade of idiots at the top who control Conservative politics.
This is "screwing the pooch" on steroids!

Anonymous said...

If "deplatforming" is such a common thing, how come there are so many "Conspiracy Fan" websites operating?

Anonymous said...

Don't know why anyone is surprised. During the Democratic primary debates, president elect Harris said she'd shut down Trumps Twitter account. And so she did. What else did she promise that violates all kinds of personal rights and laws?

Anonymous said...

MAGATS are terrorists. You can’t give a voice to scum who are openly advocating murder and insurrection. Trump was right to be removed and that MAGAT whore was right to be shot dead in the capital. More should have been. If your support Trump, you’re a traitor. Oh Tony, please delete the comments on here. They serve no purpose and are populated by hatefully, old racists who have no where left to go.

Anonymous said...

Violent, police-murdering, traitorous MAGATs **MUST** be stopped by Federal troops now. It's the only obstacle stopping a full insurrection against the US Government.


Anonymous said...

Remember, guys! Leftist violence is a-ok!

Anonymous said...

Now we know how the citizens of Hong Kong feel.

NicK said...

the 1stA applies everywhere including private companies, but you dont have the right to someone else's platform

Anonymous said...

tony there could be an auto flagger that gets half of your worst posters for use of actual racist language.

could be a way to have free for all comments still, but worst of the worst sifted without requiring any effort on your part.

certainly such a thing exists within blogger to flag comments that use racist language

because they chase away any good comments

Tab said...

Land of the free.....but never in Socialist Media.

Tab said...

But bake me a cake or I will sue ?

Tab said...

Best economy in over a half a century. Good thing we dont have the guy in charge of that anymore.
Only president that didnt get us entagled in a new war...good thing he is leaving.

Anonymous said...

I got banned from all of them. Thank you Lord !

Anonymous said...

11:24, "Congress shall pass no law ..."

The First Amendment applies only to Congress.

Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time until tkc gets banned. Clean up your comments.

Anonymous said...

“First they came for Trump supporters, and I didn’t say anything,

Because I didn’t attempt a coup, smear shit all over a building, or take part in a riot where 5 people died.”