Transit Activist Clay Chastain Believes & Hopes For Kansas City Biden Building Boom

This town's most prolific activist and urban planner offers his earnest belief that the new White House can power this town's future.

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Clay Chastain: Petition initiative (the City refuses to place on the ballot) shows how Kansas City can reinvent itself to be bigger & better.

Kansas City is undergoing an economic crisis brought on by a violent crime surge, loss of revenue and now the coronavirus pandemic. The sky is falling in Kansas City. 

But with incoming President Biden's anticipated infrastructure rebuilding proposal, there are opportunities to make big changes to KC's infrastructure and turn our town into a leading 21st Century City.

The people's initiative is our blueprint to reinvent Kansas City from a fading asphalt-oriented City into America's foremost green-oriented City. Here is a sampling of green initiatives proposed by the petition:

(1) Build a safe, quiet and car-free "Greenway System" crisscrossing our City and providing separated right-of-ways for walking, biking, scooters and electric transit vehicles;
(2) Reinvent Penn Valley Park from an eerie, underused and road-riddled urban dud into a popular, car-free and 130-acre green hot spot replete with natural landscapes, trails and outdoor recreational opportunities;
(3) Reinvent Troost Avenue from a brutal, blighted and dividing urban wall into a lush, bridging and unifying "Greenway" (See attached artistic rendering) where people can reside (alongside) and move about our City without an automobile;
(4) Build "Virtual Rail" (rapid electric bus spine) connecting the central City, Downtown and the northland to Kansas City's new airport;
(5) Transform Union Station into its highest and best use as the metro areas new Multimodal Regional Transportation Center;
(6) Build two (ultra) light rail lines (crisscrossing the eastside) to drive eastside economic reinvestment, improve mobility and connect the eastside to the rest of the all-electric transit system at Union Station;
(7) Create an Electric Express Bus Fleet departing from Union Station and rapidly connecting passengers to major metro-area employment centers and destinations.

This green vision for our struggling City will not just bring Kansas City back; it will bring Kansas City roaring back!

Community Activist, Clay Chastain


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Anonymous said…

What the hell. Is Clay sucking up to AOC and Biden? Biden is not going to do anything except rub elbows with China and let them take more of our land and jobs. Oh and spread more propaganda that it wasn't ANTFA that attacked the capitol building. Remember what Kamala said to ANTIFA? She said; " Keep doing what you're doing." Clay I see a turd hanging form your nose.
Byron Funkhouser said…
^^It was white christian nationals who attacked the Capitol, not Antfa.

Trump had four years to address our aging infrastructure, but all he wanted to do was huff & puff, & play the big man.

Everything he did was designed to help himself & his class mates. That tax cut did not create jobs, that's just the same old Reagonics lie.

Morning is coming to America.

Antifa fights fascism. They fight the Proud Boys & the Neo-Nazi's. They fought against Trump when no one else would. They are not terrorists, they are freedom fighters.
Anonymous said…
Sorry Clay, you jumped aboard the Trumptanic with your eyes wide open,
no lifeboats still afloat for all you Trumptards.

Go write a tell-all book, maybe you can make a few bucks that way, everyone else is.
Anonymous said…
Clay wouldn't be able to write a book which listed all his accomplishments.
It would be a two-page pamphlet.
But when it comes to a list of people who have no end of ideas of how to spend other people's money, Clay would be near the top.
All entertainment, all the time.
So he fits right in with the KCMO gang at 12th and Oak.
Anonymous said…

Why don't you start all of your plans by first moving here?
Anonymous said…
I normally support Clay but disagree here. I don't want a rail system or building boom.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like the 1800s better buy a horse
Tab said…
Clay is just a dog. He doesnt mind which table he gets scraps from as long as he gets it....leftist would do well to use their college debt for actual learning, then they would know better.
Anonymous said…
Dear Clay, you have been beating this dead horse since the 1990s. I chaired an event celebrating 75 years in transportation. I wanted to make you a keynote speaker but was told that several major shippers around the country, would boycott the event. I stuck up for you then, but In afraid it would once again, leave the door open to the CID's which, as you well know just invites grifters and white collar criminals that walk away, leaving the taxpayer holding the bag. The city has become a filthy crap hole. Its run by unqualified folks who couldn't balance their own checkbooks. Save some abandoned animals. They keep voting in morons and left overthieves still working there after Sanders left.