Total Coincidence: Kansas City COVID Rates Plummet After Inauguration

Don't get it twisted, we don't believe in conspiracies. We advise locals to mask up and socially distance and do whatever it is that politicos demand . . . Even if those mandaes and the science are constantly "evolving" over the course of the news cycle.

Of course we'll obey/submit but will never relinquish our snark, skepticism and constant complaints which remain a constitutionally protected right . . . For now.

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New COVID-19 hospitalizations in Kansas City metro drop by 15 percent since last week

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- New coronavirus hospitalizations this week decreased across the Kansas City metro by about 15 percent. Cases are down in Kansas and Missouri statewide. Here's a look at the counties in the greater Kansas City metro area: Kansas counties in the metro: 19.90 percent decrease in hospitalizations.


  1. Liars. They were never what they lied about.

    It was all meant to destroy the economy that Trump provided in order to elect the Fascists now in office.

  2. Of course it did. Biden* has a plan. He told us that many times before he told us that he can't do anything about it.


  3. 75-200 million – the number of people across Europe and Asia believed to have perished in the pandemic.

    450 million – the approximate world population prior to the Black Death.

    350–375 million – the estimated global population after the pandemic.

    4 years – the length of time the Black Death peaked in Europe.

    40-50% – the estimated death toll in Europe.

    There are comparisons, but the black Death was orders of magnitude worse on every level, per capita and literal numbers, than the Covid.

    The Covid to date is listed as 412,512 and infections to date are 24,704,417.

    You can trust those numbers like you can the FBI telling you the truth seeking a FISA warrant. They are a lie.

    Hospitals are dramatically reimbursed for Covid vis a vis the flu etc, so administrators list EVERYTHING they possibly can as Covid. D卐M☭CRATs realized early on (Right after Fauci said no one should wear a mask.) that the fear porn and destruction of the economy benefitted them in their quest to take back the White House. The draconian implementation of pernicious, counterproductive fiats, delivered like Middle Ages Papal Bulls were bullshit and they knew it, but destroying business' and people's lives were a small price to pay for the acquisition of power. The fear porn dovetailed nicely with the media's attacks and successful attempts to pin the bloated death numbers on Trump.

    In the middle ages, our "experts" put leeches on us in order to cure us.

    The "Cure" then was almost as bad as the disease.

    Here in 2020, our "experts" again, sucked the blood out of us in order to make bank, acquire power and achieve sinecure in the most corrupt city on the planet, Wshington D.C.

    Wear your slave mask today while thinking of just how evil our so called "Leaders" and "Experts" really are.

    1. Good morning Chuck...
      I appreciate the fact you bring facts to your commentary. You sir are bringing a gun when others are using a knife. I often fact check some of your numbers and stats and find it pretty close to what I am reading elsewhere. Keep up the good work, you're the only reason I come to this blog. Though I do like the bodacious curves and titties LOL

    2. 1 - Insane chucklowe

      One too many

  4. Covid is a bad flu. It was politicized into something that it isn't. Tyrants across the globe have permanent hard ons with this new found power. And yes, that includes Biden*.

  5. ^^Whaa!!! Deep state!!!whaaa!!! Election fraud!!! Whaaa!!!! Yawn.

  6. Biden* is again violating his mask mandate by not wearing a mask while in the White House, which is federal property, in a room with other people.

    He also was coughing in his hand, which goes against CDC recommendations.

    The White House is Federal property jackass! Mask up and shuddup ya dumbfuck!

  7. Our health "experts" disgust us all.

    Here is Dr. "I'm a celebrity now" Fauci talking to Maddow.

    Fauci gushing over Maddow: “I’ve been wanting to come on your show for months and months. You’ve been asking me to come on your show for months and months..."

    The guy is such a piece of shit. No doubt he would work really hard on Andy Cohen's hang down for an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live".

    What a superficial, name dropping climber.

  8. Masks save lives don't ya know?

  9. OMG. Biden coughs into his hand live on CNN.

    Jake Tapper: "You know, you're supposed to cough into your elbow ... I learned that, actually, covering your White House."

    Biden: "Fortunately I'm alone in my home, but that's okay. I agree. You're right."

  10. The best thing that has come out of Covid is that now the left wing kooks have delegitimized the Federal Government, the press and the healthcare industry. The press has a lower favorability rating than Congress. For the first time in U.S. history lawyers are not at the bottom of the bottom feeder list. Congrats to all!

  11. 9:39 Much appreciated.

    The smile on Dr. "I'm a celebrity now" Fauci's face should infuriate us all.

    What the fuck is so funny about not only the Chinese Covid, but the ridiculous and counterproductive "cures" (Lockdowns-Masks-destruction of small business'-medical treatments delayed-suicides etc etc)?

    Seriously!!! What the fuck are you laughing at motherfucker!!

    He is such a typical, lying bureaucrat who cares not one whit for the people who suffer under his diktats and man made hell.

  12. They reworked the unreliable pcr tests to be more reliable on inauguration day.

    It was always a scam and they killed your grandparents to make it look legit.

  13. Fauci is a quack.


  15. Byron Funkhouser1/24/21, 10:19 AM

    Oh boy! TKC health experts say I can now mix socially without a mask, no worries. Thank you keyboard doctors. What a relief!!! Whew!!!

  16. Byron Funkhouser1/24/21, 10:38 AM

    I'm a gaywad

  17. ^^^ you know dr fauci said masks weren’t needed nor any good anyway so....

  18. 10:11 and 10:13 rent free baby!

  19. Fauci trying to eat Maddow's pussy.
    There's an image for for you.

  20. The plandemic was over once commie Joe stole the election. We all knew it would happen. Now they are stuck with a bunch of vaccines and dry ice no one wants. F--king Karencrats.

  21. ^^and yet the election was not stolen, the pandemic is still raging, and you gargle cock at the glory hole. So weird. Chucklowes are faggots.

  22. Byron Funkhouser1/24/21, 1:38 PM

    I did not make the comments at 10:19 & 10:38.

  23. But Byron you did make those comments at 10:19 and 10:38, weird!

  24. Byron Funkhouser1/24/21, 2:45 PM

    ^^No, that was a Republican proving Republicans are assholes.

  25. Byron Funkhouser1/24/21, 2:56 PM

    Now that I live here in KC, I am willing to assist communities needing my help and expertise. I await your requests.

  26. Did you bring your KY with you?

  27. I did not make the comment at 2:56.

    I still live in America.

  28. The election virus is now on it's declining. Weird.

  29. The virus was used to get Trump out of office. In a way can you really blame anyone. Trump is an incompetent nut who can't even run his own businesses. He is also a loose cannon who has everyone hating one another and that's not really good when you are prez. It's just the way that it is. He had to go. Plus the orange face and cotton candy hair was a little weird not to mention mail order wife number 4.

  30. The virus takes 5-10 years off your life if you are over 80 or and an overweight diabetic. Other than that you will be just fine.


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