Tuesday, January 12, 2021

TKC Told You So: Kansas City Restaurant Week FAILS Amid COVID Crackdown

Dishing out slop in Styrofoam containers via drive-thru is the only way the local restaurants can survive.

Reminder . . .

Struggling Kansas City Restaurants Opt Out Of Restaurant Week During Pandemic Or Focus On Carry Out

The food service industry has been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Kansas City restaurants are tweaking their fixed price menus during this year's Restaurant Week and focusing on COVID-19 precautions so guests can either feel safe dining in or carrying out.


Anonymous said...

Hell my wife smokes. Thanks to the plandemic we don't go out once a week like back in BC. If we do we go out we go to the casino so she can smoke while I have a drink.

Anonymous said...

Why go out to eat? Its cheaper to eat at home, In the 50's you only ate out if it was a birthday or anniversary. We have gone back to that era. Ok with me.

Anonymous said...

We eat one meal out daily, usually a later lunch or early supper.
We travel a bit in order to try new places, south as far as southern Johnson County, west as far as western Wyadotte, east as far as Odessa, north as far as St. Joseph.

We do have favorites in the Central City (Grunauer, Teocali, Aladdin, Andre's), but the problem we have with most of the "Chef-driven" restaurants that the Pitch touts are three-fold... prices are out of line for the quality of food served, service ranges poor to"iffy", and primarily, we simply do not want to eat the "inventive" dishes that are offered.

I think that we are not alone in our opinion, and that these three "problems", in varying blends and combinations, are what causes most maybe 3 of 4) restaurants, even in good times, to fail withn two years of opening.

I have a great deal of respect for the skills of a chef and the courage of the entrepreneurs who take on the risk of opening a restaurant, but I do believe that the secret of success lies not in "artistry" and "originality", but in managing the three potential problem areas I mentioned.

Giving the public quality food they want, at good prices, in a pleasant and unpretentious setting may be "boring" and may not be "artisticaly fulfilling", but it certainly can be profitable.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet Bob Evans is STILL number 1 in your heart. OK Boomer?

Anonymous said...

^^^Do you order out for your bananas, Chimpy?

Anonymous said...

^^Do you have Chimpy on your mind all day Boomer? He seems to live there rent free 24/7. What's it like to be owned?