Saturday, January 02, 2021


For context, let's remember that this blog doesn't really care if Prez Trump stays in power OR if they hand over the D.C. game show to Chuck Woolery . . . Both old school white dudes are adept at engaging the crowd and keeping things lively, fun and surreal.

However . . .

There's no denying that the U.S. seems to be building toward an election climax or anti-climax depending on the level of belief and trust still intact among news watchers.

And so, a Missouri power move has snowballed into something more serious and these headlines offer an important overview of the "situation" in the making tonight . . .

GOP Joins Fight Against Electoral College Vote

GOP senators, led by Cruz, to object to Electoral College certification, demand emergency audit

A coalition of GOP senators and senators-elect, led by Sen. Ted Cruz, will object to the Jan. 6 certification of the presidential election results when a joint session of Congress meets next week unless there is an emergency 10-day audit of the results by an electoral commission.

Local Protest Planned

Trump rallies are planning on something big on January 6th

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Sean McCoy and other Trump supporters have been rallying outside of the Statehouse every Saturday since the election results were finalized. "The Democrats are trying to silence the voice of people, they are trying to get this country into a dictatorship and we don't want that," said McCoy.

Senator Mitt Vs. MAGA

"Egregious ploy": Romney and other GOP senators slam plan to challenge electoral votes

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah joined two other Republicans in the upper chamber to denounce the GOP effort to challenge the Electoral College certification of President-elect Joe Biden's win on January 6, unless an audit of the results is conducted.

GOP Leader Threatens Violence

Louie Gohmert Suggests People 'Go to the Streets' and Be 'Violent' After Judge Throws Out Baseless Election Suit

After a judge tossed Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert 's baseless lawsuit that challenged President-elect Joe Biden's victory, the Trump sycophant responded by suggesting that those who live in a MAGA reality should "go to the streets" and be "violent."

 Show-Me Future Plans

Sen. Hawley tramples the 2020 vote in his run to 2024

Let's say you're a would-be 2024 Republican presidential candidate. There's a crowded field alongside , the 800-pound gorilla. What's your strategy? Pretty easy to see Republican Missouri Sen. 's: All you have to do is look at his plan, announced Dec. 30, to formally object to the Jan.

Prez Trump Risks Senate Flip

Trump throws grenades into high-stakes Georgia Senate runoffs in final stretch

CUMMING, Ga. - Outgoing President Donald Trump is throwing one grenade after another into the high-stakes Georgia Senate runoffs in the final days before the Tuesday election. And it's not clear who the victims of his explosions will be.

GOP Implosion Or Rebirth???

Analysis: Why Donald Trump poses an existential threat to the future of the Republican Party

On the first day of 2021, President Donald Trump signaled the war to come within the Republican Party.

D.C. Standoff Starts

Proud Boys flock to Washington 'incognito' for Jan. 6 protests

The far-right, male-only group, the Proud Boys, will descend onto Washington, D.C., in protest the same day Congress plans to certify Electoral College votes, officially confirming President-elect Joe Biden's win. Though the group will not wear its usual black and yellow colors Jan.6, the Washington Times first reported that the leader of the group, Enrique Tarrio, said members would dress "incognito," in Antifa's traditional all-black apparel.

Veep Talks Protocol

Pence 'welcomes' efforts of lawmakers to 'raise objections' to Electoral College results

Vice President Pence's chief of staff said in a statement on Saturday that the vice president "welcomes" an effort by some lawmakers to "raise objections" on Jan. 6, when Congress meets to certify the Electoral College vote.

Accordingly . . .


Our TKC blog community is honestly interested in some alternative perspectives on history in the making given that MSM seems dedicated to wielding influence over bad political theater rather than trying to understand the reality unfolding and its potential impact on mostly powerless plebs watching continued election drama.

And all of this inspires our playlist tonight on the topic of American Democracy . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

meh, at least Don Jr. isn't going to be president now.

Anonymous said...

Kamala could win easily over Hawley. Sorry.

Unknown said...

Dems tried to delegitemize a Republican President, so now the favor is returned. Sleepy Joe Biden did not win the election on November 3rd.

Anonymous said...

It'll make the seditious Republicans and their sheep look even stupider than they already look.

Where's the evidence? How'd that play out in court? Hear the blunder?

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt invest too much in Trump. He is old, overweight and sickly. Alot of people don't live to be his age. How much longer will he be around. Invest in new young politicians in their 20's and 30's. I mean would you invest in a old garbage disposal or get a new one?

Anonymous said...

but...but...the MSM lavished copious praise on Demosleazeball Sen Barbara Boxer when she did the same thing against President Bush in 2004...hmmm

You heard it here 1st said...

Pence will betray Trump.

chuck said...

10:18 The evidence is overwhelming, categorical and you know it, just like most of the folks who read this blog. Be that as it may, the streets of Washington DC will be packed with Trump supporters on Jan 6th and the shit will probably hit the fan.

For 4 years, DNC sponsored shit heels have torn apart cities, neighborhoods and attacked anyone within close proximity. There may be some payback coming up right after this commercial break.

There is a pretty good chance, that this coming Wednesday, the birth of a new party, NOT the Republican party will take place. The courts, the DOJ/FBI/Deep State, the 4th Estate, the DNC and Big Tech are corrupt on a cellular level and everyone knows it. The gas lighting is failing and as the word gets out, Biden's diminishing authority as so called "President Elect" is thin patina covering the endemic corruption of the aforementioned snakes who got him to this point, by way of breathtaking criminality, malfeasance, lies and conspiracies.

If Trump is not the President on Jan 21st, the the Republican party is fuckin over and I mean OVER. Right now, Trumps approval rate with Republicans, depending on the issue, ranges from 78 to 92%. The "Never Trumper" Republicans have stabbed Trump in the back for 4 years. Trump will start his own party and become a player in media in order to counteract the lies, obfuscation and again, criminal activity of his opponents. Sell ALL OF YOUR SHARES IN FOX NEWS/MURDOCH because they will go straight down the toilet if Trump does not take the oath Jan 20.

Biden has already canceled everything on election day that involves the public. He knows, as do you all, that about 14 people might show up to see him sworn in and parades, celebrations and champagne will look like a bad party at Mary Tyler Moore's house.

The violence is simmering just below the surface and even if you are so obtuse at this point, to actually think Biden won this election, the fact that there are almost 100 million people (Including Dems) who think it WAS stolen, is substantial, serious and should be addressed. It won't be. the aforementioned cabal of Progressives who supported the "Thief In Chief" to this point, are nothing if not predictable, ad hoc, pusillanimous, poseurs who will probably be surprised by the turn of events.

Mike Tyson one of my very favorite people, once said, that "Everyone has a plan, until they get hit in the mouth."

Me, I think some folks get hit in the mouth over the next 3 weeks. said...

This is TODAY in DC.

It will be big on Wednesday. said...

This is an excellent article that relates to Jan 6th.

Pretty wild, but...

Anonymous said...

You sellouts. You are all a bunch of white heathens who have been programed by Goat Face Lucy (Lucifer) to say the very same lie. If the election was rigged, then where's the proof, if you don't have proof, then shut your funky asses up.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Funky ass?


We've got a winner.

Fight for Trump?

No thanks.

Anonymous said...


The way it always plays out:

The controlled 2-party system maintains their shared alternating power structure.

Those who rise to national level politics only do so because they have skeletons in their closet by which their controllers can easily manipulate them. One of the truly perverse truths about this group is that they get elevated precisely because they're fuck-ups.

Most people are tuned out. They'd rather watch TV/movies/sports/video games than pay attention to their elected officials.
Of the less than half who attempt to pay attention, most of these folks get lost in the Right vs. Left false-choice debate.
A small fraction of people have the time, initiative, and intelligence to begin looking at the Big Picture. And of these, most give up.

Anonymous said...

Awww damn we got another Jimmy Kunstler fan in this place.

Heck yeah.

Anonymous said...

Did your "evidence" hold up where it counts, chuck? In ANY court of law?


Hear the blunder?

Shut the fuck up already.

Anonymous said...

"Biden has already canceled everything on election day that involves the public."

Google "pandemic," shithead. That's why. It's still going on.

Anonymous said...

^^^ so desperate.....

Anonymous said...

Sleepy China joe is having it indoors in the White House bunker, you know, dark winter and all! Hahahahaha!

There’s a ton of reasons they’re keeping China joe out of the public eye, and it will be that way until he gets forced out. Either he claims he’s too sick to carry on and resigns right before he gets sentenced to life in Leavenworth!

Anonymous said...

So, is this Hawley character the new CHUD God you folks will be stroking yourselves to?

Anonymous said...

If (I repeat IF) Chuck's meandering rant is correct in one aspect and a "new" political Party is formed by the devout Trump supporters, may I suggest that they adopt the Gadsden Flag that they display so ubiquitously and name themselves the Snake Party?

Also, anyone currently holding Elective Office as a Republican and who supports Trump will SURELY have the honesty and honor to immediately resign from any Office they hold so a Republican can be appointed in their place from the remnants of that Party. After all, they don't want to start their "new" Party off as a pack of lying cheating imposters, do they?

Anonymous said...

"Sen. Hawley tramples the 2020 vote in his run to 2024"

Sen. Hawley tramples the 2020 vote in his run to oblivion.

There. Fixed it for you.

Anonymous said...

Smart move by Hawley. Raises his national profile, not to mention approval numbers, among non-liberals. At the very least, considering the right-leaning make-up of Missouri voters, he is assuring himself a Senate seat for as long as he wants it.

Unless, of course, you're in denial and consider the long-standing super-majority of the Missouri legislature a fluke.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, in the election races where republicans won, those votes are valid and good? But in the races where the democrats won, then all those votes are not valid. Pretty twisted set of lies that they are peddling.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Lies are all the Republicans have to peddle - their flawed Economic Theory has failed over and over, they have abandoned every tenet of Conservativism, their Morality is ludicrous, they show themselves daily to only be concerned with their tenuous grasp for Power, they have bound themselves to an amoral Sociopath who is degenerating mentally at Light Speed, what else can they do?

Anonymous said...

Trump's message to posterity: Why's ever'body always pickin' on me?

Anonymous said...

Trump's old. When he (and Biden) pass away of natural causes in 1 to 3 years, what are all of you going to argue about? They both have 1 foot in the grave