TKC Must See Aftermath: Kansas City WB I-70 at Lewis & Clark Viaduct Closed Again After Horrifying Truck Crash

Here's the best photo we've seen of this scary incident so far that offers a peek at the peril.

Check-it . . .

"Like a scene out of Die Hard." Bridge wall damaged one week after 3-year project to fix it.

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) - KDOT announced all lanes of Westbound I-70 will be closed for several days on the bridge over the Lewis and Clark Viaduct due to damaged done Friday by a semi that overturned. The bridge re-opened less than a week ago after being closed for more than two years to fix it.


  1. for the record the bartender at colonial club is a major die hard fan so the reference to die hard must be taken with that into consideration

    driving too fast. commercial drivers license maybe not for this driver

  2. also tony that section of bridge damaged, yes it along with the whole stretch was closed for viaduct replacements. but that section of bridge damaged was not part of the viaducts replaced. damn, who cares, just sayin

    the local angle is, is Mo DOT so broke that they don't bother to do their side of the viaduct maintenance at the same time K DOT did all their side of the state line maintenance on the viaduct, closed 3 years? will be really stupid in a few years when i 70 closed again so Mo DOT can make repairs, which could have been timed. "regionalism" etc

    and, MARC and many developers and port authority schemer types plot to end i 70 going through downtown at all, so what will then become of these $65 million repairs on i 70 if such plans to close the north loop go through?

  3. My aunt bought a new mustang convertible. 2 weeks later a USPS truck rammed it, knocked the bumper to the ground, did not leave a note, a neighbor told on him, and when she asked the USPS driver if he hit her car he said, "yeah, I did that."


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