Teen Gunned Down In KCK Apartment

The carnage on the other side of the state line continues its climb.

For those who haven't seen it already, here's the best round-up . . .

KCK police: Man fatally shot inside apartment on Freeman Drive

A man was fatally shot inside an apartment Friday afternoon, Kansas City, Kansas police said.Police said neighbors in the 600 block of Freeman Drive heard several shots and called 911.Authorities said the man, described as being in his late teens, was found dead inside his apartment.No other information has been released.


Anonymous said…
Black lives matter to who ?
Anonymous said…

To no one not even their own kids. BLM is a vicious movement brought to you by the democratic CCP.
Anonymous said…
There is nothing in this local crime story about a national BLM political movement you dorks

This one sounds bad. This is not far from summer academy
From few details maybe we can imagine reprisals.
At least it was inside a dwelling not like the shootings on streets lately

K.N said…
Te shooter was probly black..