Survey Seyz Kansas City Expects Comeback

Written declarations work a lot easier than making biz work in the real world. Still, here's a nice note about local optimism and/or Kansas City denizens lying to one another and themselves.

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COVID-19 survey indicates KC businesses are confident in their recovery

Photo by Arthur Franklin Of a total of 236 businesses and nonprofits in Kansas City, a recent survey reports 64% of them are "very confident" in a full recovery from economic decline caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey was conducted in December by the Greater Kansas City Area Chamber of Commerce, Kansas City Area Development Council, KCSourceLink, the Black...


  1. That’s a damn lie, more propagandist bs from city hall. Kc is toast.


  2. If your remember when Lucas and city hall were pushing BLM and buy from blacks only you will know this is not about buy local this is about buy from blacks and push whitey out. That is what Lucas is trying to do it's happening around the whole nation. It's racist. When have you ever seen a democrat push local? Look at what big corporations are doing right now for the democrats with the funding and defunding. Who are they funding? That's right it's people like Lucas. So I have to agree this is BS and anyone who falls for it is funny.


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