Superstar Singer Melissa Etheridge Dives Into Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Hysteria, Spreads The Love And Gushes For Champs

We don't doubt her football obsession. The throaty celeb has always been a trailblazer and very passionate in most things.

Check this conversation confirming as much . . .

Exclusive: Rocker Melissa Etheridge Has Some Thoughts on Being a Chiefs Superfan - In Kansas City

Fact: Two-time Grammy winner and all-around rock goddess Melissa Etheridge loves her some Kansas City. But the Leavenworth native is borderline fanatical about her Kansas City Chiefs. Heck, last year she even created a catchy little ditty, the aptly titled The Chiefs Are Going to the Superbowl. (Fave line?


  1. Q: Did you hear about the book that Melissa Etheridge's daughter is going to write? A: It's called 'Mommie Queerest'
    Q: How can you tell what guitar belongs to Melissa Etheridge at the Hard Rock Cafe? A: It's the one with a strap on.
    Q: What do you call a hundred lesbians with rifles? A: Militia Etheridge
    Q: How can you tell if your dating Melissa Etheridge? A: She kick starts her vibrator and rolls her own tampons.
    Q: What did the female vampire say to Melissa Etheridge? A: "I'll see you next month."

  2. ^^^ LULZ.


  3. Give me a break. These celebs aren't fans this is a promotion. But take a look at the people who wear chiefs crap next time you go out. They are fat, dirty, rude low life people. Hey Mahomes, O.J. wants his shag carpet back, and don't get on that plane to the commie's it's a COOKBOOK.

  4. ^^Ok CHUD. Matlock is almost on. Time to clean out the diaper.

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  6. Is she a lesbian or something? Who is she ?

  7. ^^Oh, Chimpy/8:46, keep cheering for your team in that doubled-up face diaper while distancing like a good little monkey minion. The Bucs & Chiefs will be on the fields, *WITHOUT MASKS ON* and definitely *NOT 6FT APART*....huddling....blocking....tackling....sweating....spitting, like they've been doing all season!

  8. ^^I'm sorry, I don't speak stroked-out geezer. Can one of you other geriatric fucktards who currently isn't suffering from dementia, stroke, or sun downing translate this mess of shit?


  9. @8:57 Chimpy believes "CHUDs" are posting on here 24/7...

    because apparently he sits around all day & all nite monitoring them...24/7.

    ...unemployed loser wasting his life..sad


  10. Lezzie porn is fun... but.real-life lezzies are grotesque.

  11. Why doesn't she move to California ?


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