Saturday, January 09, 2021

Super Dave Considers Political Accountability

A favorte from the comments shares some worthwhile thoughts this morning as he considers the recent hot mess at the Captiol in conext. Check-it . . .

Super Dave: Accountability Is Dead

Our world and our country are sliding into a deep abyss. We are sliding into an abyss of darkness where the truth is hidden and lies are in abundance and nobody appears to be held accountable for their actions anymore. When you're looking to hold people accountable you cannot play favorites; you cannot let it slide with some people. Accountability has to be consistently requested of everyone, all the time no matter what their race, nationality or political position. If you let one person ignore their accountabilities then it opens the door for others to be selectively accountable too.

Numerous cities in our country were faced with out-of-control rioting and looting this past year that not only ended up with people dying, it ended up with businesses being ruined, shut down for days/weeks and other suffering losses they will never recoup. We saw what took place here in Kansas City, right here on our own streets. And who did we see out there on the streets with a fist raised in the air but our own Mr. Mayor Lucas. But now Mr. Lucas wants to do a song and dance saying that he had nothing to do with the violence and destruction that took place. That’s just simple nonsense and a fib. He’s dodging accountability as he does not want to be held accountable for his actions. At the same time he turns around and does not hold those accountable for their actions who were committing the crimes that took place. Then you have prosecutor Baker who comes along and does not want to charge anybody either which brings into question her accountability to do her job as per the law. It is the charge of a prosecutor to prosecute those who break the law. It is not the charge of the prosecutor for political reasons to not uphold the law. There again a second political official in Kansas City who is dodging accountability and feels they are not to be held accountable for their actions.

What took place in Washington DC this week is mind-boggling to say the least. Clearly in some way a large group of people managed to storm what should be the safest building in the country. How did this take place? Who is to be held accountable for this to have been allowed to take place? Trump did not tell people to riot, he told them to support their beliefs and make their beliefs known and let it be known that they were unhappy. Trump can’t be held accountable for the actions of people who may or may not have all been a part of any damage that took place. If Trump is to be held accountable for the actions and the damage that took place yesterday and removed from office then all of the mayors, governors and prosecutors both state and local in all the states where rioting took place of late should as well be held accountable for their lack of effort to stop said rioting and as well later interfered with the criminal prosecution of those who broke the law must be removed as well. This selective prosecution mumbo-jumbo junk has to come to an end. If you do the crime then you must do the time. If you stand back and allow the crime to take place while in a position of authority you as well must be removed from any positions of authority.

Any and all news media that have been caught lying and spreading false rumors should as well be held accountable for the undermining of the general stabilization of this country. We can’t have media groups in our country who feel their sole purpose is to sway you to their way of thinking or the thinking or the party that hands over the most cash. They have a term for it, it's called brainwashing. Our politicians no longer run their campaigns based on facts, their campaigns are all based on what the media wants you to believe they will do and their opponent won’t. The media does so day in and day out not ever being held accountable for anything. Unless you attend a political rally to hear a politician speak you have no idea what was really said as the media won’t show the whole truth.

Accountability is dead and gone as we saw yesterday; in fact accountability has been gone for a long time. Politicians who refuse to be held accountable love to jump up and point fingers at somebody else saying it’s all their fault. I hate you, I’m not going to do things your way, and you’re a hateful, hateful, mean bully. Meanwhile that same politician wants you to ignore what they’re doing while in office because they are above being held accountable to anything.

Are there krakens loose in our government? You better believe there is, Washington is full of them, Why you ask, because every year they get voted back in and many of them set up office for a lifetime and the more they are in office the last accountable they are held for doing their job. This is why term limits are very important and need to happen. Too many get entrenched into a powerful position where they feel they have no accountability whatsoever to the citizens of this country as they continuously ignore what they really, really need and want.

In good faith how can any politician in office and for sure in Washington DC vote for any package that sends billions of dollars and I mean billions of dollars to other countries while ignoring the needs of our country and our deficits. But those in political offices for some reason are never held accountable for these actions. Never held accountable for the sneaky paragraphs and laws they put into bills dealing with America that have nothing to do with the other bills to begin with.

It’s all smoke and mirrors in our political game where they want to hold you and me accountable for everything we do while they themselves deny all accountability for anything that goes wrong. The Democrats made it clear in the very beginning before Trump took office they were going to throw him out no matter what it took and they banged away and they banged away and they banged away and they’re still banging away. We have just seen them put a man into the White House of questionable character who has never been accountable to the people at all and enough questions have been raised that a  complete full-scale proper investigation should have taken place to investigate without obstruction all of the dealings of Mr. Biden and foreign officials. Joe Biden isn’t and hasn’t been cleared yet of any wrong doings with his son. Noticed how the media has let that accountable fact sort of drop out of the daily news. Again no accountability is taking place.  But that’s not going to happen because for such an event to take place somebody in Washington is going to have to admit to some accountability taking place.

Accountability no longer is practiced in this country while being accountable to the public is no longer practiced by too large a number of mayors governors and prosecutors



Anonymous said...

"Who is to be held accountable for this to have been allowed to take place? Trump did not tell people to riot, he told them to support their beliefs and make their beliefs known and let it be known that they were unhappy. Trump can’t be held accountable for the actions of people who may or may not have all been a part of any damage that took place."

And yet Trump gave an angry speech once again putting forth the demonstrably false narrative that the election, which he lost by 8 million votes, was "stolen" and that Vice President was not "doing his job" by attempting illegally to overturn the election, and then he urged his fanboys to march to the Capitol and tell Congress how they felt and assured them "I'll be right with you." He then went back to the White House and watched, reportedly pleased with the results of his work that day, as his followers trashed the Capitol.

Keep in mind this is the same guy who urged his fanbase to beat up opponents and the media in 2016 promising to pay their legal bills. (As if he's ever paid a bill in his miserable life.)

No, Superman, Trump is responsible for what happened. He's as innocent as someone who throws a lighted match into a powder keg.

Now, as for your false equivalency about state and local "riots," can you come up with an instance in which any state or local official egged on protesters and told them to march to a state or local building and show officials how they felt?

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally woke up. If you had been paying attention for the last 2 decades you might have noticed it earlier!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Super Dave! Food for thought.Thanks!

chuck said...

Absolutely dead on the money Dave.

Anonymous said...

TL/DR stupor Dave. I could have swore that you were the guy who posted that picture on Facebook of you holding all of your guns and then ended up dying on the Capital floor after tazering your balls!

Tracy Thomas said...

Excellent, SuperDave.

I'd love for you to do a companion piece about how this shaming needs to stop.

I don't know another human other than Trump who could endure the constant shaming for five years.

But WE citizens are now being shamed and bullied. And THAT is why people marched last Wed. Yes, it got out of hand. But it's the anger at the bullying, the suppression of the news, that led to this.

I want the Durham Report released.

And now get this:
Google Pay Store has now disabled the Parler app!! the competitor to Twitter.

Now I signed up in November. Feel free to follow me.
And I think you can sign up by going to, just not thru the Google Play Store app.

This is Germany 1938---It's all mind control and brainwashing.

What in hell? Congress needs to repeal Section 230. And so much more.

I look forward to reading Josh Hawley's book about Big Tech.

Maybe TKC should publish it--why not?!!!

Anonymous said...

All MAGATs should be rounded up and have the weight of Justice applied directly to them. Executions for sedition and insurrection can and should be seriously considered.

Anonymous said...

"Shaming and bullying," caused you to riot and murder police officers? What a group of spineless, snowflake MAGATS. Somebody start distributing pacifiers for these violent cry babies. Then, LOCK EVERY ONE OF YOU SEDITIOUS FUCKERS UP!

Anonymous said...

"But WE citizens are now being shamed and bullied. And THAT is why people marched last Wed. Yes, it got out of hand. But it's the anger at the bullying, the suppression of the news, that led to this."

And yet the biggest bully of them all was Trump. The media, his political opponents, his staff, his cabinet, his attorney general, Republican officials of states that voted for Biden, and in the end even his hapless vice president. Yep. There were five years of bullying. By Trump.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Adolf.

Anonymous said...

10:18 Thank you Adolf.

Tracy Thomas said...

You may follow me at 123tracy on

This is a dangerous time, when Google blocks legitimate apps founded by an Army veteran!
That founder, John Matze, was interviewed Nov. 17 on Tucker Carlson and seemed very legit.

Read for yourself.

He expressed his concern that access to his app would possibly be throttled or banned by Google...and at the time, I thought he was just a skosh paranoid.

Apparently not!

Rush Limbaugh disabled his Twitter account and moved to

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tracey for the geriatric fucktard perspective. Please understand Twitter is a private company and can decide who it wants to kick off at anytime. And sure your little insurrection at the Capital “got out of hand” as you stated, I mean a capital policeman was savagely murdered by having his head bashed in by a fire extinguisher, but I guess that’s what happens when white domestic terrorists get angry at all the “bullying and news suppression’s Right fucktard? God you people are sickening. Death cult members one and all.

Anonymous said...

@10:40 so is TKC, maybe we should kick you off here? Many of us don't care to see your fucktard perspectives. Oh and don't make 50 posts saying they do support you like you do every day trying to make us think you have a following.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet yo can’t kick anyone off anything pappy can you? I don’t think anything about you fucktards, apparently I live in your head rent free. Now blow me while I shit CHUD and you wait anxiously for my next post.

Anonymous said...

"Rush Limbaugh disabled his Twitter account and moved to"

Wow! Stop the presses! Limbaugh promised he was dying. Is that just another lie?

Anonymous said...

Uhhh Tracey - Obama had to endure that crap for EIGHT years, during which the Right Wing, as the old racist statement goes, he was "called him everything but a White Man"!

And now the same sort of horsepucky is being done to both Biden and Harris by the same Right (or more accurately Wrong) Wingers.

It is unrealistic to expect a Public Figure not to have to endure such abuse, expecially after the four years of deliberate divisiveness that we have been subjected to.

Two more aphorisms come to mind,
"It you can't stand the heat, stay out of the Kitchen", and,
"What's sauce for the Goose is sauce for the Gander".

So, if a Tangerine-feathered Gander lies, cheats and name-calls his way into a Kitchen, he shouldn't expect air-conditioning.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Actually twelve years and counting.

"You may follow me at 123tracy on" No thanks, Tracy. I have a life.

Anonymous said...

11:24 dream on, Obama didn't have to deal with 1/8th the issues Trump did.

Nobody was trying to push Obama out of office before he even got into office.

Obama pushed the worse healthcare act in the world on Americans.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet your memory is failing if you don't recall Mitch McConnell saying, upon Obama's election, "Our goal is for Obama to be a one-term president." Have you been checked for dementia?

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the constant claims that Obama is a Muslim, gay, married to a man, not a citizen (you can thank Donald Trump for that one), etc. I hope your handlers at the memory care facility can help you.

Anonymous said...

Obama was a disaster, and hid behind race to hide his abject failure to lead.

Anonymous said...

Remember the "Birther" clowns and their pack of made-up horseshit @11:40?
And remember the asshole who was behind those lies and persisted even after he had been proven totally and completely wrong? That was a made-up attack on Obama, trying to create the "Big Lie" that he was not eligible to be elected or to hold Office.

And if the so-called "Obamacare" Health Care System is so bad, why haven't the Republicans come up with anything better? Especially during the two years they were in complete control of all three Branches of the Federal Government!

"Obamacare" is still in place because it is needed and is a necessity for America, and nothing better has been proposed.

Anonymous said...

@12:12, Trump has proven himself to be the disaster, and has nearly wrecked this Country with his incompetence.

"Failure to lead"? Ever hear of a thing called the Covid-19 Pandemic?
300,000 Americans dead (so far) and just the first few stumbling steps only now being taken. Hope Biden can finally get something done.

Anonymous said...

Buh-bye Super Dave, buh-bye Tracey, have fun in your tiny little circle jerk.
Oh, and can you take that Schizo who posts as Bandit/Chuck/Retro with you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am aware that the entire left-media complex inculcated fear and lies about COVID from the beginning, and seem curiously silent about China's role in, you know, ACTUALLY CREATING THE VIRUS.

Your silly personal jihad against Trump notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant Republicans Riot And Don't Even Get Any Big-Screen TVs

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious because leftist rioters were able to destroy businesses and communities and got a free pass.

Tells is like it is said...

I have a life.

1/9/21, 11:27 AM


Anonymous said...

The Obama lovers so easily forget what really happened. A whole lot of nothing is what compared to Trump. They were trying to impeach Trump from day one of the election. Impeachment talks were not mentioned with Obama. Plus our Congress and Senate can't push any bill in to place with out taking years to create it along with jamming a bunch of other crap along with it. Obamacare was and is a joke. Obamacare does what it was made for and that is to give care for those who want to suck off the government tit 24/7 along with all the illegals. Our health care should be equal to all if it's going to be government controlled and Obamacare was not that. It created tax increases and higher insurance premiums for a majority of those forced onto it. Obamacare caused to many people to see their hours cut and became part time employees at companies who couldn't afford to pay good salaries and pay health care both.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet not one thing you said is true. Obama won the popular vote twice, served two terms, won a Nobel Peace Prize and is universally beloved everywhere he goes. Trump lost the popular twice. The second time was a blowout, is a one-term loser, will be impeached twice, is hated by billions the world over, was kicked off Twitter, and will be going to jail soon. Weird.

Byron Funkhouser said...

"Our world and our country are sliding into a deep abyss."

That isn't true. The sun is rising on America. The future looks bright.

I agree that the insurrectionists should be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

12:41: In the ranking of worst presidents, Trump won... by a lot.

Anonymous said...

12:41 Trump deserves even more than Obama.

He should be considered for some of the science awards.

His work and understanding on global warming and his debunking of climate change certainly is up there with the best.

His pioneering work on Covid19 and the pandemic, pales into insignificance established experts in the field, and this contribution alone, is well worth a Nobel.

The World should be very grateful to have such a person whose wisdom is there for all to see, and reward him accordingly for his unselfish contributions to the advancement of humanity.

So he is an asshole, you're one yourself. Weird

Anonymous said...

Ummmm. I hope you're being facetious.

Anonymous said...

Is social media that thing that allowed the Russians and Chinese to manipulate the election, because the gullible and naive Americans on all sides will believe anything?

Anonymous said...

I ignore all of the trolls on the comments in lieu of demanding TKC block or moderate their posts. I don’t like what they say, but free speech goes both ways.

Anonymous said...

^^^In his year end message, Tony said he would be blocking outrageous posts. Unless he has a different notion of what outrageous means than everybody else, he's asleep at the switch. I'd like to see him delete posts that are personal insults and those that have no contextual substance. Of course that would make the threads a lot shorter.

Anonymous said...

So the ayatollah, and numerous other dictatorial regimes can have Twitter accounts with no issue despite threatening genocide to entire countries and killing homosexuals etc... but The President of the United States should be permanently suspended," he tweeted. "(Former Chinese Communist Party Chairman) Mao would be proud.