Super Bowl Battle Of The GOATz Declared

Fanboy perspective and a sports newsie narrative emerges. Meanwhile, more dedicated football fans doubt the hype supporting either the has-been or the rising star.

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Arrowheadlines: The NFL's version of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan

Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes Is Super Bowl Mythology in the Making | The Ringer In most NFL seasons, being crowned champion is enough. But this Super Bowl is about legacy. Who will end up on top of the pantheon? The sport's biggest legend is about to face its biggest legend in the making.


  1. 10 Super and 6 wins.... not even close, won’t ever happen again

  2. The Bitter Truth1/26/21, 7:35 AM

    Not an expert, but have watched quite a lot over the last 5 or 6 years. What baffles me is the God-like status given to quarterbacks. Without decent offensive linesmen in front of them [for protection] they can't do much at all, other than get sacked or, more likely, throw the ball away. Without decent wide receivers it doesn't matter how well you throw if he can't catch it! It's a team sport!

  3. ^^and yet we don't have decent offensive linemen. Mahomes is a golden-armed God! Weird.

  4. I can't tell if 7:35 is doing satire or really out here tarding this hard with that take.


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